7 Tips To Store Fresh Herbs This Season
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Fresh herbs not only enhance the taste of a dish but also instantly enhance its aroma. One can see the presence of herbs in a particular dish from a considerable distance. Such is the power of fresh herbs. But herbs can have an equally negative impact on food if they're not fresh. Stale herbs can make a dish taste very bad. 

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Herbs must be stored effectively at home so that they stay fresh for a longer time. Unlike spices, they cannot be stored anywhere and remain fresh for a long time. Since they're directly extracted from plants, herbs need more care while being stored. One can go for the herbs available in the market that are full of preservatives, but that simply don't taste as good as fresh herbs. 

Here are some tips to store herbs correctly in the kitchen.

* Washing With Cold Water

Herbs must always be washed with cold water and dried properly. Washing herbs is an important step as it ensures removal of any kind of bacteria that might be present on the herbs that can further create a problem. A good way of drying herbs is by putting them under sunlight as it helps ensure that no moisture is left in the herbs. Any moisture that might be present in the herbs can lead to the decaying of herbs very soon. So one must fully ensure that herbs are dried up properly.

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* Containers

To store herbs, one must always go for airtight containers. Herbs like basil and mint are especially prone to getting affected if not stored in proper airtight containers. The stem of the herb must be snipped out of the herb before transferring it to the jar. A little bit of sprinkle of water can be made on the top of the herbs before storing them in an airtight container. The best way to ensure that they remain fresh for a long time is by storing them in the refrigerator. One can also store them in a dark place, but storing them in the refrigerator always ensures that the optimal temperature is maintained.

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* Dark Colour Containers

Using dark colour containers instead of light colour containers is always better for storing herbs in keeping them fresh for a long time. Dark containers remain unaffected from being exposed to oxygen. Also, one must avoid using plastic containers as it can lead to the transfer of multiple chemicals into the herbs. Instead, one must always go for using glass bottles as they are more health-friendly and a better option for storing herbs and keeping them fresh.

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* Avoid Sunlight 

Once the herbs are sun-dried properly, they must not come in contact with sunlight. As stated above, herbs must be stored in a refrigerator and if not in a refrigerator, then they must always be stored in a dark place. The place must also be extremely dry and free from any kind of moisture. Sunlight can affect the potency of herbs and change their flavours. This will substantially increase the shelf life of herbs.

* Using Paper Towels

For extra protection, one can also use some paper towels, and wrap the herbs inside the paper towels before storing them in glass containers. The paper towels must be damp, which means they must be a bit wet as it helps keep the herbs fresh for a long time. It will not provide excessive moisture but enough to keep its flavours intact for a long time. This is an extra step that will ensure that the herbs remain fresh and full of flavours.

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* Freezing Herbs

Freezing herbs is also an option, but it takes a little extra effort to freeze the herbs. The herbs must be washed properly and then put inside a ziploc bag. One must try to squeeze as much air as possible out of the Ziploc bag. The herbs put inside the Ziploc bag cannot be put inside the refrigerator to be seized. This method works well for hard herbs but for soft herbs, a different preparation is required. To free, soft herbs, one has to first drop them and clean them with the help of an ice cube tray. Now some virgin olive oil must be sprinkled over the herbs and they can be stored inside the freezer.

* Not Using Plastic Bags

Avoid using any kind of plastic bags to store herbs. Using plastic bags for storing fresh herbs and vegetables is not just bad for the environment but also bad for the health of human beings. The harmful particles that are present in these plastic bags can be transported into the herbs and the vegetables and it can impact the health of human beings immensely. Also, these bags in no way contribute towards keeping the herbs fresh.