7 Tips To Make Homemade Omelettes Fluffier
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Omelettes are one of the safest options to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner when one is running short on time. One simply has to put a lot of vegetables and some cheese in the omelette to make it both delicious and healthy. Many people might have noticed that omelettes served at restaurants and hotels are a lot fluffier and well-made as compared to the ones that are made at home. 

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These flawless omelettes are not just visually attractive but are also really good in taste as they're properly cooked and fluffy from all ends. Many people struggle with getting the right consistency, texture and fluffiness in their omelettes. Here are some tips and tricks for people who want to make a perfect omelette at home, which is easy to make and also properly cooked.

* Use Butter

While making an omelette at home, it is always very important to be generous with butter. Before pouring the omelette batter on the non-stick pan, a person must make sure that they have used an ample amount of butter so that the egg batter gets the kind of moisture that it needs. Eggs must be added only after the melted butter has been heated properly and starts becoming light brown. Not adding enough water is going to drastically change or alter the texture of an omelette.

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* Add Some Milk In The Eggs

Adding some milk to the eggs before making an omelette is going to make a creamy batter. This will also make the omelette smooth and fluffy and one will get the desired consistency and texture. The same tip can be implemented when a person wants to make some French toast or any other egg-related dish at home. Adding milk to eggs is always beneficial, as it elevates the texture and makes the eggs cook more efficiently.

* Separate The Yolk

An important tip that one can follow to get the right consistency of batter for an omelette is to first separate the yolk part from the rest of the egg white. Now the yellow part of the egg has to be whisked properly and the white part also has to be whisked separately. Once these two parts of an egg are separated and whisked, they can be mixed again. A person can then add the desired spices and herbs before putting the mixture on the top of a pan. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but it does make a difference in the output.

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* Add Soda

Adding some soda or carbonated water to the whisked eggs is also going to make a lot of difference. This soda or carbonated water can make fluffy omelettes that can be easily cooked without much hassle. The best part is that adding soda carbonated water not only just makes the eggs fluffier but also texture-wise they become a lot smoother and softer. One must make sure that they do not add too much soda as it might spoil the taste of the omelette.

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* Use Fewer Toppings

One of the most common reasons why a person's omelette doesn't taste good or breaks in between is because many people use too many toppings. It is important to remember that omelettes are very delicate and cannot take a lot of weight. One has to be careful before using ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Always be careful about the quantity of these toppings and make sure that they are not too much for the omelette to take. 

* Use A Blender

Using a blender to make an omelette batter is effective because not only does it mix everything well but it also makes the mixture airy and fluffy. One simply has to mix the eggs with some spices in a little bit of milk in a bowl. Now, with the help of a hand blender, mix everything for 2 to 3 minutes. This will make the whole mixture very airy and light. Simultaneously one must put their pan on low heat so that it gets the right temperature whilst the egg mixture is being whisked. 

* Add Vegetables Towards The End

Another simple trick to make sure that the omelette is perfectly fluffy is to add vegetables and other toppings towards the end. Adding vegetables simply in the beginning is not the right way to go about it. One must make sure that they're adding vegetables only after the omelette is half cooked. This ensures that the omelette has attained its needed texture and can take the weight of the vegetables.