7 Sustainable And Tasty Ways To Use Orange Peels
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While cooking food at home, there is a lot of kitchen waste that is generated unnecessarily and often thrown away. Although there are a lot of common ways of utilising this kitchen waste, such as making compost or using it to feed animals, people do not consider making an effort.

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 The peels of a lot of fruits and vegetables can be used for a variety of purposes. Orange peels, for instance, are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins. There are a lot of different ways that one can use orange peels other than just making the compost. Here are some of the most innovative ways to incorporate orange peels to make the best use of them.

* Using Orange Zest For Cooking

The peel of the orange has a juice and a very evident citrusy flavour. The zest can be simply added to different types of sweet and savoury dishes to give them a hint of freshness and citrusy flavours. The peel of the orange can be added to different types of desserts and drinks, as well as salads, to provide a rejuvenating flavour. For this purpose, it is always better to use fresh orange peels than dry orange peels.

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* Cleaners For Home

The citric acid present in orange peels can be extremely helpful in making a DIY dishwasher or kitchen cleaner. The best way to make a dishwasher with the help of orange peels is to use white vinegar. The peels of the orange must be ground properly before being added to the vinegar. This mixture can help remove the most stubborn stains, even from kitchen slabs and different types of utensils. 

* Candy

Orange peels are also used to make delicious candies that are crunchy and savoury with a hint of sweetness. One simply has to take some orange peels, cut them into small pieces, dip them in sugar syrup, and then instantly freeze them. In the sugar syrup, one can add different types of flavouring condiments for better flavours. Instead of letting them free, one can also let them dry in the kitchen after covering them properly so that they do not attract any mosquitoes. These candies are extremely chewy and tasty.

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* Room Fresheners

Other than having a fresh and rejuvenating taste, orange peels also have an extremely fresh aroma. To make a good room freshener, one simply takes some orange peels and lets them rise. After sundering them, one has to put these orange peels in the grinder and then make a fine powder. This powder can be added to water to make a mixture. The mixture can be put inside a spray bottle and spread wherever one wants to. This is an organic, chemical-free room freshener that can instantly make a place feel so much fresher.

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* Pest Repellent 

Different types of pests, including insects and mosquitoes, have a natural aversion towards citrus fruits and anything citrusy in nature. A simple way to keep insects away from the kitchen is to scatter the dry pieces of orange peels in different parts of the kitchen. This will make sure that no insects enter the boundaries of the kitchen and that everything kept inside remains free from insect infestation. One can also try keeping it in other parts of the house, but make sure that the peels are dry.

* Skin Care

The natural benefits and oils present in the peels of oranges have wonderful skincare properties. Oranges are used to make different types of masks that also help in de-tanning. It's a great way to utilise orange peels to make a nice mask out of it. One can simply grind orange peels and add them to a mixture of yoghurt and some chickpea flour. This mask not only helps in de-tanning but also can cure the problem of dark spots and pigmentation.

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* Adding In Marinades

Another great way to utilise orange peels creatively is to make delicious marinades. Generally, marinades for non-vegetarian dishes in different types of tikkas are made using different spices, lemon juice, and yoghurt. However, a simple way to take this marinade one step forward is to use some fresh orange peels. These fresh orange peels can be either cut into small pieces or ground before being added to the marinade for the best effects.