Miraculous Benefits Of Onion Peels You Must Know

All of us throw away onion peels after chopping onion which is used in almost every single dish. But you know what? Onion peels should not be thrown away as they could be of great use. These peels could be an even more effective remedy for several health issues as compared to onions. Onion is quite a versatile vegetable and is beneficial in so many. Not only it enhances the flavour of a dish, but it is also known for its medicinal properties. It can be cooked when added to meals and can even be consumed raw.  

Just before using onions, we peel their layers and throw them in the dustbin. This is because you’ve always that onion peels are of no good. But, it’s time to get rid of this misconception. Let us tell you about some amazing benefits of onion peels that you didn’t know about. Believe me, these benefits will amaze you! 

Good For Oral And Dental Health 

For those who don’t know, onion peels have antibiotic effects as well as antioxidant properties. It is good for teeth as well gum care. Onion peels prevent cavities and help in getting rid of bacteria present in the mouth.  

Helps In Regulating Sleep 

Wait, what? Onion peels can help in regulating sleep? Yes. If one intakes a cure prepared with onion peel, it can actually calm down the nerves and make one comfortable in a very short period of time.   

Clears Throat Path 

Onion peels contain germicidal substances and do the task of clearing inflammation in the throat pain. Besides, it can also help in getting rid of respiratory problems. Especially in winter, it can help in getting rid of throat infections.  

Beneficial For Houseplants 

It might surprise you but onion peels contain so many vitamins. These vitamins are beneficial not just for humans but for plants. You can make a juice of onion peel and put it in your plants. You will see that the flowers will look more vibrant and healthier. Most importantly, onion peels can prevent the formation of insects.  

Works For Cell Renewal 

Another reason to not throw away the onion peels is because of their properties of renewing cells. Onion peels have a cell-repairing effect and can provide immediate cures for aches and wounds. Besides, it can provide healthier skin and can even eliminate the factor which may cause skin problems. 

So, what say? Did you know about these health benefits? Do let us know!