Kitchen Tips: 5 Lesser-Known Uses Of Onion Peels
Image Credit: Unsplash

Do you also discard the onion peels? Well, after reading this, you might reconsider throwing them. Yes, you read that correctly. To the uninformed, onion peels are a high-nutrient source. They contain Vitamin A, which is beneficial to vision. They also have Vitamin C and E, which can be used to cure the skin. According to studies and experts, these peels can be used to improve other dishes in a variety of ways. Scroll down to discover some lesser-known culinary use for onion peels.

1. Put Into Soups And Gravy

Begin adding the peels while the soup, stock, and gravies are boiling. It will thicken the gravy while also adding an eye-catching purple tint to it. Make careful to remove the peels after a few minutes of boiling.

2. Make Onion Tea

You can make onion skin tea, it does exist. According to specialists, this tea helps to relax the mind and strengthens the immune system. Simply pour hot water into a cup with a tea bag/green tea leaves and onion peels and let both steep for a few minutes. Enjoy the tea after straining it.

3. Add To Rice

Simply add a few onion peels to any rice meal you're creating to boost the flavour. It gives the rice a gently bitter flavour that many people appreciate. Along with a distinct flavour, adding makes your daily rice healthier. It is advised to add onion peels to rice as it is consumed on a daily basis, thus, ensuring you get all the necessary nutrients.

4. Onion Water

You can also drink water with onion peel. According to studies, it possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and aids in the relaxation of muscle cramps. Simply soak the skin for at least 15 minutes in a glass of water. For the best benefits, remove the skin and consume the infused water.

5. Infuse Smokiness

If you like smokiness in your recipes, make onion ash by toasting onion peels in the oven until they turn dark in colour. Then crush them into a fine powder and sprinkle liberally. Try it and you'll thank us later.