7 Summer-Friendly Breakfast Dishes Made With Oranges

With rising temperatures and humidity levels, people like to enjoy lightweight dishes. What is lighter and more refreshing than a fruit, say orange? Its citric notes and freshness can revitalise your body, give it a boost of vitamin C, and load it up with essential nutrients. You can even go as far as starting your mornings with dishes containing orange as the star ingredient.

Video Credit: Easy & Yummy/ YouTube

Orange is among a few fruits that you can use in your kitchen to create a variety of delicacies and beverages. From savouries to sweets, it fits right into the recipes and suits your palate. To give your mornings a fruity start, here are a few orange-based dishes that you must try out.

Orange Pancakes

Instead of adding processed sugar to the pancake batter, you can use orange as the natural source. Add the required amount of orange juice and zest of the fruit to add citric and fruity notes. Cook your pancakes to perfection and serve them hot with a drizzle of sugar syrup, coffee/ tea, and some fresh fruits.

Orange French Toast

When you are whisking eggs, add orange zest to the concoction. Dip bread slices and cook them. You can also add a splash of orange juice to eggs as it will elevate the flavour. Try this one-of-a-kind French toast, and you will find the classic ones to be boring. When serving orange French toast, add a dollop of Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey on top. Not only will it elevate the plating but your mood as well.

Orange Yoghurt Parfait

In a bowl, keep peeled oranges ready, and in another bowl, keep the orange zest ready. In a clear glass, take Greek yoghurt, granola bars, and oranges. Finish the top with fresh orange slices and orange zest. You can add a few berries too for garnishing. This parfait will be ready in just 10 minutes, and you can have a healthy meal in the morning without hassle.

Orange Breakfast Salad

Orange salad seems unheard of. But if you toss fresh slices of oranges along with toasted nuts and avocado, you can easily make a delicious bowl of fruit salad in under 15 minutes. Prepare a fruit dressing for this salad by combining orange juice, orange zest, honey, and olive oil. Drizzle it and give all the ingredients a good mix before digging in.

Orange Smoothie

One of the simplest beverages that can replace breakfast is a smoothie. If you are running late in the morning, you can drink a glass of orange smoothie and boost your body with energy to take on all kinds of tasks. Blend orange juice with banana, curd, and milk. You can add some honey for a sweet flavour. Top the smoothie with dried fruits, and enjoy your drink.

Orange Ricotta Toast

Take slices of your preferred choice of bread and toast them. Spread creamy ricotta cheese and top it with juicy and fresh orange slices. Drizzle honey on the top and add some mint leaves before you take a bite, which will be a burst of flavour in your mouth. It is a hassle-free breakfast option for you.

Orange Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Instead of water, cook quinoa in orange juice. If needed add zest of oranges as well while cooking it. Once done, layer quinoa in a bowl along with dried fruits, nuts, fresh orange slices, a dollop of Greek yoghurt, and a sprinkle of orange zest on the top. This healthy bowl will load your body with fibre and nutrients.