Sweet And Sour OJ: Consequences of Overindulging in Orange Juice
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For years, we've been urged to drink a cup of orange juice with every breakfast to get our recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which supports skin health and the immune system. But are the costs of consuming such a high-sugar beverage every day really justified by the few advantages?

Despite the fact that orange juice and soda are somewhat comparable, orange juice is still frequently regarded as a healthier alternative to other sugary drinks. Despite the fact that the sugar in 100% fruit juices is naturally occurring rather than added, as it is in beverages with added sugar, your body still processes and responds to this sugar in essentially the same ways.

The Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Orange Juice:

May Increase Your Blood Sugar:

Fructose, a natural sugar, can be found in oranges. The fact that orange juice typically contains juice from multiple oranges increases the quantity of sugar you'll ingest and eliminates the nutritional fibre. This may speed up the body's absorption of fructose and cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

May Lead To Sleeplessness:

Orange juice drinking in excess can occasionally cause insomnia. It could raise blood sugar levels and make people agitated as well. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume orange juice during dinner.

May Cause Heartburn:

Orange juice is acidic and high in sugar, so consuming too much of it might be bad for your health. Due to its acidic nature, it can also produce very bad heartburn. It might be a good idea to drink a lot of water along with orange juice.

Allergic Reactions:

There have been a relatively small number of allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, though. Yellowing of the skin is a symptom of allergic reactions. Orange juice should be consumed moderately and with awareness.

Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes:

According to EatThis, NotThat, consuming more whole fruit was substantially linked to a 23% lower risk of type 2 diabetes, but drinking a serving of fruit juice each day was linked to a risk of diabetes of up to 21% higher.

Common Precautions To Consider:

Orange juice consumption is healthy both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It should be used in moderation, though. Anything used excessively might have negative health impacts on people. Additionally, pregnant women can speak with their doctor about drinking orange juice.

The use of a straw is encouraged when consuming orange juice. The tooth enamel (outside surface of the teeth) could be eroded by the juice's acid content.