7 Substitutes To Use When You Run Out Of Yoghurt
Image Credit: Unsplash

In addition to being incredibly creamy and delicious, yoghurt is also quite abundant in protein, calcium, and probiotics. Yoghurt is being used in many recipes, from pizza crusts and baked products to sauces and dressings. Yoghurt is, however, a somewhat divisive ingredient because some variants are very costly and have strong, sour flavours. Furthermore, if you're vegan or following a non-dairy diet, managing its widespread usage in baking and cooking might be challenging. There are a few yoghurt substitutes that are inexpensive, less tart, and more likely to be in your fridge if you're out of yoghurt at home, looking for a non-dairy choice, vegan, or just don't like it. The top yoghurt alternatives are listed below:

1. Mayonnaise

The majority of us enjoy using yoghurt to make salad dressings for fruits or vegetables. It tastes good as it is, though the recipe may call for a little more sweetness or savoury flavour. Mayonnaise is the same. If you want to make your own salad dressings and sandwich spreads, mayo is a great alternative. Try using mayo in your dishes to replace plain yoghurt for its creamy, delectable richness. Fresh whole eggs are used to make mayo, giving it a high protein content. Grocery stores carry a variety of products, from plain mayo to flavoured varieties.

2. Cream cheese

Yoghurt is great at adding creaminess and flavour to food, so it's understandable why people become anxious when we run out. However, you can substitute cream cheese to give your meal a creamier, savoury flavour. It can be used to make sauces or dips and to flavour them with herbs and spices. It makes a great icing for cakes and cupcakes in the dessert category. In supermarket stores, you can discover a variety of cream cheese varieties. Plus, it requires no additional preparation and is ready to use just like yoghurt. The prolonged shelf life of this alternative is another benefit. It is a great option as long as you store it in the refrigerator and use it before the expiration date.

3. Cottage cheese

When preparing salads, cottage cheese is another dairy ingredient you can use. It's one of the healthiest cheeses you can buy and is similar to yoghurt in that both contain a lot of calcium and other nutrients. The taste and texture are the only differences. 

You will taste a faint saltiness when using cottage cheese. However, it makes a great topping for bread, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and even desserts. Cottage cheese is a great substitute for yoghurt the next time you run out, especially when combined with fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

4. Sour cream

In the case that yoghurt is not available, use this alternative. The sourness of the cream lends a variation to a traditional curry, and it works perfectly.

Sour cream and yoghurt add the same creaminess. Both have the same flavour and texture profile, which makes the substitution much simpler. Sour cream is a great addition to soups, stews, baked goods, desserts, dips, and salad dressings in addition to curries.

6. Coconut milk

At home, coconut milk has always been a go-to staple for baking and cooking. For the richness, aroma, and goodness that coconut milk offers, you can substitute it for ordinary milk. The inclusion of coconut milk makes a significant difference when making cakes, cookies, or other delicacies. Additionally, you may use it to make drinks, smoothies, curries, and soups.

Coconut milk behaves similarly to plain yoghurt in baking. Coconut milk has long been the main ingredient in curries, so substituting it for yoghurt is not problematic. The curry sauce will nevertheless come out creamy, rich, aromatic, and tasty in the end.

7. Almond milk

Almond milk brings creaminess and body to baking, curries, bread, and the making of delectable soups and stews. Almond milk has been a well-liked ingredient in recent years when making healthy sweets, especially for people with a sweet tooth.

Making your own homemade almond milk is an alternative if you have the luxury of time. All you require is a food processor or blender. Simply combine whole almonds, water, and your preferred spice, such as cinnamon, to taste.

8. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is another grocery store product that you can use in place of yoghurt. This is a fantastic substitute when baking desserts, especially fruit salad. Even if it contains more calories and fat, it won't harm you to use it occasionally. Heavy cream is perfect for treating yourself on a special occasion.

It works well as a thickening agent for curries and stews, for desserts, for dips when combined with herbs, and even for specialty drinks. There are variations that are low in fat and calories if you're still concerned about the added calories.

It is advantageous to be aware of your alternatives in the culinary world. If a particular product isn't accessible, try experimenting with other ingredients that work well in your favourite cuisine to save time. Running out of yoghurt is no longer a concern; instead, it provides an opportunity to expand your culinary horizons by experimenting with various alternatives.