7 Punjabi Breakfast Combinations That We Can’t Unlove
Image Credit: Aloo Puri, the best combination ever!!

Punjabis love their food, especially their breakfast. Many may, but Punjabis cannot comprise their everyday breakfast no matter what happens. Fair enough! My father always says that one should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. This is because breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and Punjabis have taken this way too seriously. We all know that a Punjabi breakfast is incomplete without a lot of butter. This is its beauty!! Let us have a look at some common Punjabi breakfast combinations that we have always loved. 

Aloo Puri

Aloo puri is a common breakfast combination in a Punjabi household. Especially on Sundays, when everybody is home, the charm of aloo puri is enough to wake you up. Though aloo ki sabji can go well with even roti and rice also, it tastes amazing with hot puris. No other breakfast can come even close to this. Isn’t it?

Aloo ka Paratha with butter, curd, and mango pickle

This discussion is incomplete without paranthas which are a staple breakfast thing for not only Punjabis but almost any other household. When we talk of paranthas, butter has to be there. Served best with curd, chutney, or pickles, aloo ka parantha is soul food. Other parantha varieties like gobi ka parantha, mooli ka parantha, and pyaaz ka parantha are equally loved.

Missi Roti and Sabji

This parantha version is not the one we usually eat but is different. Made up of wheat flour, gram flour, and spices, missi roti is savoury and nutty-flavoured paranthas. Their perfect combination could go well with curd or any sabji. Have you tried these miss rotis yet? If not, try it right away.

                                     Image credits: Cookpad.com

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature needs no introduction. For many of us, a bowl of spicy chana and deep-fried puris are typical comfort food and we love it for so many reasons. You might have to wake up a little early to make this breakfast but believe me, this is totally worth your time.

Bread Pakora with chutney

Bread pakora is the perfect desi version of our fancy bread. Stuffed with a stuffing of spicy aloo, this besan-coated deep-fried bread is served best with green chutney. Not only it is a perfect breakfast combination, but it also is a perfect party snack. You bread pakoras, hai na?

Puri Chole

After aloo puri, the second-best companion of puri is chole. Chole can go well with literally anything. Be it kulcha, parantha, bhature, or roti, chole has so many friends and we know the magic that this dish spells around. 

Amritsari Kulcha with butter

This kulcha is similar to aloo ka parantha but is much softer and chewy. Made up of self-rising flour, it is stuffed with mashed spiced potatoes and cooked in a tandoor or on tawa. It can also go well with pickles, curd, and even a sabji. Must try by all the foodies!

                                        Image credits: Medium

Let us know if there is any other breakfast combination that needs to be on the list!!!