7 Pumpkin Seed Recipes to Help You Drift Off to Sleep
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Thinking about pumpkin seeds may remind one of the brisk fall season when pumpkin-themed recipes start to show up everywhere. The nutty, earthy and sweet flavours of pumpkin bring joy to the heart after being transformed into delectable recipes. Little do you know that these pumpkin seeds, in addition to being a flavourful supplement to recipes, can be a delightful sleep remedy to help you relax and improve your circadian rhythm.

A study published in Nutrients Journal in 2022 reviewed the effects of stimulants and nutrition that aid in sleep quality. The study mentions that pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of tryptophan which is an amino acid that benefits the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin. Apart from tryptophan, pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium which improves sleep quality.

There are several ways to transform pumpkin seeds into delightful treats. Either you top it on your muffins, or spread it over your stir fries, the addition of crunchy pumpkin seeds takes the entire recipe to a whole new level. Try these delicious recipes with pumpkin seeds and satisfy the gut while promoting sleep.

7 Recipes With Pumpkin Seeds For Late-Night Snacking

1) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Just simple roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with salt and spices can be a fun snack to munch on when late-night cravings call. When the pumpkin seeds are roasted, all the natural oils get activated and the concentration of nutrients rises, making it easier to absorb by the body.

2) Pumpkin Seeds Cookies

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Topping pumpkin seeds on cookies adds a crunchy layer of nutty bites that makes cookies taste wholesome. You can add pumpkin seeds to any cookie recipe, for example, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter cookies and much more.

3) Pancakes With Pumpkin Seeds

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If you are craving pancakes late at night, the best way to make it a healthy indulgence is by using whole grain flour and topping it with roasted pumpkin seeds. In this way, you can turn your guilty pleasure to a healthy relish.

4) Salad with Pumpkin Seeds

Salads made using leafy greens, avocado, edamame, sweet potato, carrots, mushrooms, and fruits like banana, berries and mango are known for promoting sleep. After you've made your salad, sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds to add a bite and make it more nutritious.

5) Avocado Toast with Pumpkin Seeds

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Avocado contains magnesium and potassium that are linked with improving sleep. Make yourself an avocado toast and top it with crunchy pumpkin seeds. This will induce tryptophan in the snack, making this late-night snack a tasty sleep remedy.

6) Oats and Pumpkin Seeds Porridge 

For the cravings for something wholesome and fulfilling, oats porridge can be a perfect solution. Both oats and milk are a source of tryptophan which induces sleep along with helping you feel full throughout the night. Top the porridge with pumpkin seeds and enjoy this delicious bedtime treat.

7) Greek Yoghurt with Pumpkin Seeds

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Greek Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin B12, calcium and protein which are easily digestible and helps in satisfying hunger. Adding roasted pumpkin seeds to Greek yoghurt makes it a health-packed treat with a gratifying bite that works as a sleep tonic too.

If you want to aid your sleep at night, find pumpkin seeds in your pantry and make these quick snacks to satisfy hunger and induce sleep. Include pumpkin seeds in your regular diet to see effective results and improvement in your sleep cycle.