7 North-Indian Desserts That Will Make Your Lohri An Extra Sweet Affair
Image Credit: Image credit: Pixabay

My best friend who got married into a Punjabi family this year invited me over for her ‘first Lohri’ at her in-laws. She sounded rather kicked about the do, and to make sure I definitely attend the function she told me, ‘there would be moong dal ka halwa, gajak and some more desserts, so don’t you dare miss’. Not that I was planning to bail on my best friend, but desserts are my weakness and all my friends are well aware. Lohri, is a harvest festival that is celebrated on 13th January every year in Punjab and neighbouring regions such as Delhi and Harayana. The celebrations begin in the evening, with lighting big bonfires, singing folk songs and lots of dancing, however, the preparations for Lohri begin a few hours in advance. Like any Indian festival, Lohri is also incomplete without traditional snacks and sweets. While popcorns, makki ki roti and sarso ka saag play a pivotal role in the feast, the desserts have their own sweet place in the celebrations. Here are some desserts, you must add to your spread

1. Til Chikki

Till Chikki is a flat, brittle candy, made with melted jaggery and sesame seeds, peanuts are also added occasionally. Chikki is set in flat trays and allowed to cool, once it has cooled down, it is ready to be served and stored for weeks in air-tight containers.

2. Rewri

Bite-sized, sweet coins made with sesame seeds and sugar/jaggery that are combined together to make the crunchy delight. Like popcorn, rewri is also passed around during the bonfire. You can much on a couple, and aim a few at the bonfire.  

3. Gur Ki Kheer

Kheer and Indian festivals share a love affair that goes back centuries in time. It is one of the easiest desserts you can fix, just need to boil rice and milk together. Using jaggery instead of sugar could be a nice, festive touch. 

4. Moong Dal Halwa

‘tis the season of halwas and indulge we must. Moong Dal Ka Halwa is essentially moong dal cooked with oodles of ghee and sugar, until it is hot and pudding-like. This golden halwa is a winter favourite in North India much like the Gajar ka Halwa.  

5. Gajar Ka Halwa

Think winter and you instantly picture yourself all cuddled up with a hot bowl of Gajar ka halwa. This season-special halwa made with grated carrots, ghee, nuts, cardamom and khoya is a crowd favourite, for all the right reasons. 

6. Rabri-Jalebi

Hot, thin, crispy, jalebis slathered over with cold and luscious rabri made with condensed milk and nuts. A dessert, you will find yourself eating in a loop.   

7. Pinni

Nuts and ghee are combination desi grandparents swear by for this weather, and honestly, if the product is as good, we are not complaining. These soft, fudgy barfis made with atta (whole wheat), sugar, cardamom and nuts double up as energy boosters too in this bone-chilling winter. Make sure you practice moderation though, these are very addictive.  

Happy Lohri Everyone!