7 Non-Alcoholic Drinks We Can Never Get Enough Of

I love the summers season for two reasons- one is fashion, no guesses there. But the second reason is perhaps more common- the variety of amazing drinks that we can load up on. As the temperature starts to soar, our refrigerators load up on thinks chilled and hydrating. Staying hydrated is known to be one of the best ways to combat the sweltering heat and keep your body healthy. But let's be honest, do we really need to wait for the summer season to enjoy these drinks? From lassi to chaach to coconut water, I cannot resist and I cannot wait. I agree that mangoes, watermelon and certain ingredients are seasonal, but we are living in 2021, a lot of powder and pre-packed juices are available all year long. And I also agree that the fresh ingredients have their own char, but our cravings know no bounds. So while we wait for the summer season, let's have roundup of non-alcoholic drinks that are an all time classic and hope that we can certainly find our way to enjoy it all year round.

1. Aam Panna

The quintessential summer cooler, aam Panna is made with raw mango pulp, a couple of spices, including cumin and mint leaves. It is a refreshing drink that is sure to re-energize you on a hot summer day.

2. Lassi

This desi drink is a wholesome one for ages! Brimming with frothy, creamy yoghurt, lassi is one drink that can fill you up for a long time. Besides keeping you cool, Top it up with some crunchy nuts!

3. Chaach

Chaach or buttermilk is a savoury version of lassi and is known to be great for smooth digestion when lightly spiced with jeera.  

4. Sattu Sharbat

A delicious drink from Bihar, made with sattu flour, sugar and water, that is known to keep your body cool from within.  

5. Coconut Water

A staple for every season, coconut water is a nutritious drink that keeps summer blues away! Coconut water is known to be a significant electrolyte and thus works like magic on dehydration.

6. Sugarcane Juice

An energy booster, sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras), is a perfect way to combat dehydration and fatigue. It is known to help build plasma and body fluids in the system.

7. Watermelon Juice

A summer staple, watermelon is available throughout the hot season, and you can make some at home by si ply chopping the melon into small chunks and blending it for a minute! The refreshing and hydrating properties of the watermelon are sure to keep you refreshed.