7 Major Advantages Of Cooking In Carbon Steel Utensils
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Carbon steel utensils are made from an alloy that is made by using 99% iron and 1% carbon. In some cases, it may also have 2% carbon. The purpose of adding carbon in iron is to enhance the strength of the utensils and at the same time make them less malleable. This alloy is usually more durable than the normal iron or non-stick utensils. Any carbon steel that has a lower carbon content is generally more malleable than carbon steel that has a higher mailable content. 

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These types of utensils are used to make different types of pans and pots used for cooking. One of the most common types of utensils that are made from carbon steel are skillets and woks. Skillets and pans are generally used for different purposes like deep-frying and stir-frying. These products are generally great for domestic use and can complement the cooking of food excellently. Here are some of the top benefits of switching to carbon steel utensils.

* Lightweight Utensils

Having utensils that are not too heavy helps in promoting mobility while cooking food. Carbon steel utensils are quite lightweight and easy to handle. This is the biggest differentiator between carbon steel utensils from cast-iron utensils. Cast-iron utensils are generally extremely heavy and hard to handle. On the other hand, carbon steel utensils are much lighter and easier to handle. The malleability of carbon steel utensils can also be adjusted. 

* Durable Utensils

While investing in utensils and crockery, one must always look at the durability factor. There is no point in buying expensive crockery if it cannot sustain for a long time. One of the biggest advantages of buying carbon steel utensils is the fact that it is quite durable. As carbon steel is made by heating iron until it becomes red hot and then adding carbon to it, the resultant alloy is quite durable and tough. It has the threshold to withstand extreme temperatures. This is definitely not a quality that one can find in nonstick pans that get easily worn out with time.

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* Versatile 

Carbon steel utensils are multi-functional. One can perform multiple cooking functions, such as frying, deep frying, baking, and whatnot in these utensils. Also, these utensils can be used on basically all types of stove tops, including induction, electric, and gas. One can also simply put these utensils over the top of a grill or even an open flame. However, this is not possible if one chooses to buy nonstick pans or utensils made from some other material. In this case, one will have to buy separate pants for grillers, electric inductions and for different purposes like frying and baking. 

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* Non-Toxic

Buying utensils that do not have any coat of chemicals is important to ensure that the food that is cooked in these utensils remains free from any kind of chemicals. Nonstick pans are coated with a layer of chemicals and artificial materials to defend them from rust. However, this layer of chemicals and artificial materials is not good for the food that is being cooked in the pan. On the other hand, carbon steel pans have a natural nonstick surface that protects the pan from resting. Washing the utensils with a steel scrubber and some soap makes them as good as new after some time.

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* Easy To Clean

One can season the carbon steel utensils by coating them with some oil and heating them in the oven. The seasoning process helps in creating a nonstick surface on the utensils and also prevents them from developing rust. One doesn't need to use special dishwashers and other things for cleaning their carbon steel utensils. Simply using a steel scrubber and hot water is enough to keep the pans as good as new. on the other hand cleaning, stainless steel utensils is quite time-consuming because it is not that easy to get rid of stains from the surface. 

* Even Heating

The best part about using carbon steel utensils is that these utensils do not have any hotspots which means that no particular portion of food will be cooked more than the rest of the food. Other utensils such as stainless steel have some selected hotspots where the food is given more heat as compared to other areas. In contrast to this, carbon steel utensils provide uniform heat to the food and cook it more evenly. It is also a lot easier to control the temperature of the food that is being cooked in the pan and ensure that it becomes perfectly edible and seasoned.

* Affordable 

One can easily get a beautiful carbon steel pan or wok at a lesser price as compared to that of an average nonstick pan. Also carbon steel utensils are available in a lot of different types of designs and shapes. One can get them in pow wok variety, induction bottom,and many other designs. Considering the amount of benefits that one gets after using carbon steel utensils, its price is not at all high and pretty accessible for people.