Keen on maintaining the shine of your tamba bartans or bronze utensils? Bronze utensils, like many other traditional cookware, lose their brightness and lust over time. No matter how much you desire and put in efforts to keep them neat and clean, they seem to turn dull after just a couple of months of buying them. Most of us scrub the dirt out by using a soap solution. But have you ever noticed any change in the shine and brightness? If you follow our three easy yet sustainable ways, you are going to find out the best way to restore the shine in your utensils. So get ready to find yourself filled with joy and happiness and your utensils with shine.

1. Use Tamarind

Tamarind, also popularly referred to as 'imli' in Hindi, reacts with metals like aluminium, iron and copper. Luckily, it's safe to use tamarind on bronze. The citrus content in tamarind helps clean the utensils' surface, making it an ideal pick to clean your utensils with. Make sure to clean using leftover tamarind only to save resources. Accessible and sustainable, Isn't it?

2. Pitambar

Pitambari is a shining powder made specifically for cleaning and brightening up the utensils with shine leading to newness. ' Pitambari' is a Maharashtrian word that implies ' pita' as brass and 'tamba'. This is by far the best method you can opt for.

3. Leftover Lemon wedge

A lot of you all must have seen your mother's adding a squeezed lemon juice to the dishwasher container. Well, it's not a secret ingredient anymore used in the cleaning and sparkling of utensils and cookware. On the other hand, we suggest you make use of a leftover lemon wedge and scrub it around the places where you might have some scratches or stains. With this, you're going to save some money, and it's much easier and sustainable.

We assure you that you will feel beyond delighted, eating in restored shiny and polished utensils.