7 Heavenly Matcha Desserts To Tingle Your Taste Buds
Image Credit: Unsplash

Just wait till you bite into one of these luscious matcha treats if you think creamy matcha lattes are wonderful. With elements of sweetness, bitterness, and grassiness, matcha is a popular green tea from Japan. It tastes amazing when pounded into a powder and used in desserts.

Matcha green tea leaves are utilised extensively in Japanese cuisine and are cultivated and harvested differently from ordinary green tea leaves. Compared to regular green tea, matcha has a much stronger caffeine content and a softer, earthier taste.

Matcha gives food, whether it be dessert or otherwise, a vibrant green tint that enhances the presentation. It makes sense why matcha sweets dominate Instagram.

Matcha Pafe (Matcha Parfait)

The earthy, deep flavour of matcha and the creamy, layered richness of a parfait come together in this delicious treat. Typically, it consists of layers of different ingredients like fruits, jellies, cereals, or sponge cake interspersed with layers of matcha-flavored custard and whipped cream (or ice cream).

Sometimes more matcha powder, whipped cream, nuts, fresh fruits, or even sweet red bean paste are added on top of the parfait. It is usually served in a tall glass to highlight the lovely layers and enhance the visual appeal of the dining experience. In Japan, matcha parfaits are widely available in cafés and restaurants, particularly those that focus on desserts and sweets.

Matcha Kasutera

Simply flour, eggs, sugar, and a sweet syrup—like honey—that flavour the sponge are used to make this traditional Japanese sponge cake. With the help of matcha, which gives the cake its distinctive green colour and earthy flavour, this treat delves deeply into the realm of kasutera. This cake is unique because of its tender, sponge-like texture and the lovely balance it creates for the tastebuds thanks to the green tea powder's somewhat bitter overtones.

Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies

With a chic touch, the classic recipe for soft and chewy white chocolate chip cookies is elevated. The delicately nutty flavour of matcha powder and the little caffeine boost it provides are tempered by the creamy white chocolate chips, which make these matcha cookies incredibly delicious throughout.

Matcha Tiramisu

This flavorful take on the traditional Italian tiramisu is called matcha tiramisu, or matchamisu. Layers of fluffy, delectable handmade ladyfingers steeped in matcha are nestled beneath a smooth, creamy matcha mascarpone filling in this green tea dessert. This is one of the matcha confections you won't want to miss out on because of its vivid green colour and distinct, delicious flavour.

Matcha Pudding

Instead of using heavy cream and egg yolks as the foundation, this dish is made using coconut milk, which is light and smooth and not overly sweet. The end product is a light yet decadent vegan dessert with a strong matcha flavour and sophisticated styling throughout.

Matcha Coconut Mousse

This vegan mousse uses matcha powder and coconut to produce an enticing flavour combination that results in an opulent matcha dessert experience. With a simple replacement of coconut cream for coconut milk, the light and smooth dessert cups can easily be made more indulgent. Lastly, maple syrup adds a lower-sugar dessert choice and endearing caramel overtones to this dish.

Matcha Macarons

One of the matcha sweets that dessert fans must try is this elegant confection. Matcha is not only faintly flavoured in the chewy almond flour-based cookies, but it is also more pronounced in the matcha buttercream and matcha ganache fillings.