7 Irresistible Matcha-Based Drinks To Beat The Summer Heat
Image Credit: Unsplash

Matcha, or bright green tea powder, has grown in popularity across the world due to its high antioxidant content and nutritional benefits. Summertime and sunshine make it a great time to prepare some refreshing drinks to enjoy outside. Furthermore, matcha green tea—which is packed with antioxidants, incredibly nutritious, and energy-boosting—is the pinnacle of cool summertime beverages.

Matcha tea is an excellent complement to summer drink recipes due to its delicious taste profile, extensive list of health benefits, and unique appearance. Matcha green tea's refreshing flavour is improved when combined with other ingredients, such as tropical fruits, along with its earthy aroma and vibrant green hue.

What Is Matcha?

Matcha is a powdered tea leaf used to make delicious tea. Matcha is grown in shade for the last few weeks before harvest, just like other Japanese green teas. This yields brilliant green leaves with a flavourful, somewhat sweet taste. Matcha is crushed into a bright green powder by stones and can be combined with water or used for baked goods and beverages. Matcha powder is often created by whisking it with hot water to produce a savoury, frothy drink that is frequently drunk straight out of the bowl.

7 Matcha Drinks To Try

Here are the matcha-based beverages that you should enjoy this summer season:

Matcha Latte

The original matcha latte is a timeless favourite that can be served hot or cold. This drink mixes matcha's earthy depth with the creamy texture of milk or dairy-free alternatives. First, combine matcha powder and boiling water until frothy, then add steamed milk and a dash of sweetener if needed. Therefore, you will have a pleasant and energising beverage that is ideal for starting the day or relaxing in the afternoon. 

Matcha Bubble Tea

Take your love of matcha to the next level with a delicious matcha bubble milk tea. This beverage combines the richness of milk, the chewy texture of tapioca pearls, and the energising characteristics of matcha. Brew matcha, let it cool, and then combine it with milk and sugar. Before pouring the matcha mixture into the glass, add the cooked tapioca pearls. The outcome? A delicious and fulfilling beverage is ideal for taking care of oneself.

Matcha Gin And Tonic

Enhance your cocktail game with Matcha Gin Tonic, which is both elegant and energising. By simply adding matcha to your standard Gin Tonic, you will impress all of your guests. Matcha powder adds a vivid colour to the drink while also providing antioxidants. Mix gin, tonic water, matcha powder, and a squeeze of lime juice in an ice-filled glass. Stir well and enjoy this classy summer matcha cocktail, which is both visually beautiful and tasty.  

Matcha Lemonade

When the summer heat screams for something cool, look no further than the Matcha Lemonade—combining the citrus brightness of lemons with the earthy flavours of matcha results in a distinct and pleasant flavour profile. Simply add freshly squeezed lemon juice, matcha powder, water, and whatever sweetener you choose. Then pour over ice for a refreshing and cool summer drink.  

Matcha Strawberry Latte

One of the most appealing aspects of matcha is its stunning green colour. This latte, layered with pureed strawberries and milk, is both visually appealing and tasty. Strawberry puree provides the ideal sweetness for this latte. Layer strawberry puree, milk, and matcha into your glasses before serving for a visually stunning drink that also tastes fabulous.

Mango Matcha Smoothie

You will be in heaven when you blend matcha powder with a luscious, juicy mango. Matcha and mango make the ideal disguise for unnoticed vegetables. Blend the matcha, mango, broccoli, and spinach. This smoothie resembles a nutritious milkshake thanks to the frozen fruits and vegetables. As you get ready for the day, slip your kids an extra serving of greens for breakfast.

Dalgona Matcha

The popularity of whipped matcha is here to stay. Beat the egg whites with the sugar until firm peaks form. After that, mix in the matcha powder until well blended. Pour this light matcha mixture into an iced milk glass. To make the latte even more decadent, you may also mix in a small amount of vanilla and cinnamon into the milk.