7 Effective Foods That Can Heal Chapped Lips And Dry Skin
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As the weather is becoming colder day by day, the air is also becoming dryer. The impact of this dry air can be very evidently seen on our skin. During the winter season, skin becomes extremely dry which can lead to flakiness in the skin and also crack the lips. Instead of trying out various moisturisers and lip balms to heal your cracked skin, you can simply use some kitchen ingredients that are commonly available at everyone's home. Let's have a look at these kitchen ingredients that can effectively heal your skin and lips.

* Honey

Honey is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It also has natural Humectant properties that can help retain the natural moisture of the skin. You can apply honey directly on your face and lips or you can choose to add it to your face mask. This will help in providing your skin with external moisture and also keep the natural moisture of your skin intact. Consuming Honey during the winter season in moderation can also be beneficial for your skin health.

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* Vitamin E Rich Food

Vitamin E-rich food is good for the health of the skin. Some of the most common examples of vitamin E-rich foods include almonds, spinach, broccoli, and sunflower seeds. Consuming these regularly during the winter season can help in increasing the content of vitamin E in your body. The higher amount of vitamin E in your body is going to make your skin and lips moisturised. By doing so you can avoid having dry and cracked skin.

* Malai

Malai is a fresh cream that is generally available in all Indian households. You can take a little bit of malai from the upper surface of your milk and apply it to your lips. This acts like a natural lip balm and lightening ingredients. What you can do is apply this on your lips overnight and the next day your lips will feel extremely moisturised and healthy. You can also add Malai to your face masks for additional moisture.

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* Almond Oil

A good massage of warm almond oil is very good for our scalp health. Similarly, you can also gently massage warm almond oil on your dry lips and make sure that you have covered your lips completely. Now leave this for 15 to 20 minutes so that your lips can properly absorb the goodness of almond oil. Then wipe off the almond oil with the help of some soft cloth. For your face, you can add some drops of almond oil with gram flour and milk and directly apply it to your face.

* Avocado 

Many of you might not know but avocado is a potential moisturising ingredient that you can use for the natural nourishment of your skin and lips. Avocados are full of healthy fats and contain different vitamins like A, C and E. All of these items are extremely beneficial for the skin. Consuming avocados makes our skin moisturised. Try to consume avocados as much as you can for better skin nourishment. You can also try using some avocado-based packs as they are great for skin application as well.

* Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in healthy fats, and antioxidants and is an excellent way to moisturise your skin naturally. It is an ingredient that is great for the nourishment of the skin, and if you're looking for an effective remedy to keep your skin glowing, then olive oil is the right choice. The vitamin E present in olive oil is also effective in maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin. The best type of olive oil to use for face application is extra virgin olive oil. You can add olive oil to your natural face masks and see the magic happen.

* Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is as good for the health of the skin as it is good for the health of the body. It helps in solving the problem of skin irritation that is caused by excessive dryness. You can simply grind some oats and mix them with honey and milk to make a mask for yourself. If you have excessively inflamed and itchy skin because of dryness, then try this mask as it might help in calming down your skin. It is also effective in reducing dandruff-related problems. So if you are suffering from a dry scalp, then try using an oatmeal mask.

All of these are the top ingredients that you can use to cure the problem of dryness on your face, lips and scalp. There is a right way to use each of these ingredients and some of them cannot be directly applied on the face. Please make sure that you go through the proper process of using these ingredients before applying them on your face.