2 Recipes To Have Healthy Glowing Skin
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While everyone has a go-to face cream or treatment, there is no denying that healthy and glowing skin begins from the inside out. An ongoing supply of nutrients is necessary to support this rapid turnover since older skin cells are constantly lost and replaced. If one eats the right combination of meals, he or she will nourish their skin and help maintain it smooth, elastic, and spotless.

By eating a varied and balanced diet that includes antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts, and appropriate water, one can take good care of their skin and optimise their nutrition.

Here are two recipes which will help to find a clear, glowing skin.

Biotin Laddu: A Recipe Which Helps In Both Skin Glow And Hair Growth

This Vitamin B7 Rich Recipe Is There To Provide A Glowing Skin and Long Hair

Image Credit: pexels.com



  • 2 cup Water
  • Few Mint Leaves 
  • 1 tsp Fennel Seeds
  • ½ inch Cinnamon
  • 2 pod Cardamom

Method Of Preparation:

  1. Firstly, in a saucepan, heat 2 cups of water
  2. Add a few mint, 1 tsp fennel, ½ inch cinnamon and 2 pods of cardamoms
  3. Mix and boil for 5 minutes or until the flavours are absorbed
  4. Finally, filter out and enjoy mint tea for treating acne and blackheads

For healthy glowing skin, a proper diet is really necessary and the above recipes contribute to those needs. Whether mint leaves or almonds, coconut and sunflower seeds, all the ingredients used in the above recipes helps in maintaining a clear crystal and glowing skin.