7 Different Types Of Frozen Japanese Desserts For A Quick Snack
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Japan has an extremely intriguing culture and very versatile culinary practices. People in Japan have been able to successfully preserve old recipes and cooking traditions that are still followed to this date. One of the most astonishing parts of Japanese cuisine is the versatile dessert culture in Japan. 

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People in Japan love having different types of sweet dishes which is why one would find a proper vortex of Japanese desserts that consists of different types of dishes derived from various geographical locations of Japan. In summer, people love having frozen desserts as they're not just a sweet treat but provide a lot of relief from the harsh temperature. Here are some famous Japanese frozen desserts that are a must-try.

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* Sesame Ice Cream

Sesame is a very popular ingredient in not just Japan but in a lot of other Southeast Asian countries. Sesame ice cream is a very innovative and unconventional recipe that is made from the special black sesame that is mixed with the white variety of sesame seeds. One cup of this ice cream has on average 9000 sesame seeds and it is a must-try for anyone who is visiting Japan anytime soon. The ice cream is stored at a very low temperature to preserve its texture.

* Fruit Popsicles 

Fruit popsicles are also known as ice candy in the local language in Japan. These are not just enjoyed by young children but also people of other age groups love it equally. One can find different flavours of this frozen dessert in Japan, ranging from strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, and even mixed fruits. This is one of the best desserts that one can have in summer as it is delicious, refreshing, and very fruity in taste. One would find a lot of people simply enjoying these fruit popsicles on the roads of Japan. 

* Monaka

Monaka is a very famous wafer cookie from Japan that has been prepared in the country for many years. It is subtly sweet and served with a paste that is made from beans. The filling inside these wafer cookies is generally made from chestnuts, sesame seeds, azuki beans, and jam. On the outer look, it gives an appearance that is very similar to ice cream sandwiches. 

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* Frozen Choco Banana

A frozen choco banana is a special treat that is exclusively available in Japan during the summer season. As the name suggests, this is a dessert that is made by freezing the bananas after dipping them in chocolate. After this, the bananas are embellished with different types of sprinkles, dry fruits, and other decorative items. Traditionally, the bananas are covered in dark chocolate. However, one will also find a lot of variants in which the bananas are covered with white chocolate. This is also a very famous festival treat in Japan.

* Daifuku

Daifuku is a special type of rice dumplings that has a stuffing of red bean paste. It is a very famous and traditional sweet that one will find in a lot of Japanese restaurants. The simple translation of this dessert in the local language is mochi ice cream. The ice cream has bite-sized scoops and is stuffed inside rice dumplings. These are extremely chewy, flavourful, and soft. These are the perfect desserts for people who would want to enjoy a frozen dessert that has different types of flavours and textures.

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* Kakigori

Kakigori is a type of shaved ice that has been consumed in Japan for a very long time now. This ice cream has a snow-like texture and is served after being covered in some type of simple syrup. The topping of this dessert is very uncomplicated and simple. Even after the minimal use of ingredients, the final taste of this dessert is very appetising and fulfilling. The significant aspect of this dessert is that one will be able to find it only during summertime in Japan. 

* Anmitsu

Anmitsu is a very famous dessert in Japan that is made after assorting different types of ingredients such as fresh fruits, kanten jelly, shiratama mochi, red bean paste, and mochi dumplings. All of these traditional Japanese-style ingredients are added to the dish to make it a perfect winter dessert. Different types of restaurants like to add different flavours of ice cream to create the ice cream version of Anmitsu. It is a very decadent dessert that one can find in high-end restaurants and cafes in Japan.