'Kulfi' Amongst ‘50 Best Frozen Desserts In The World’

When it is scorching heat outside, there is nothing better than a bowl of ‘kulfi’. Popular in India, Pakistan and many other countries too, this classic frozen dessert is soothing, tempting and delicious. With a richer taste and even richer history, Kulfi is one such delight that has been ruling our hearts for ages. Much denser and creamier than a regular ice cream, kulfi mostly comes in traditional flavours like almonds, pistachios, cardamom, saffron and even in vanilla, rose, mango etc. Well, you can make kulfi in any flavour you want!  

We have been talking so much about kulfi because a popular food and travel guide tasteatlas released a list of the “Best Frozen desserts in the world’ and our beloved ‘Kulfi’ is ranked 14th. Iran’s Bastani Sonnati bagged the first spot, and it was followed by Peru's Queso Helado. Turkey's Dondurma, USA's Frozen Custard, Filipino ice cream Sorbetes and Italian dessert Gelato al Pistachio were among the top 10 desserts, India’s beloved ‘Kulfi’ bagged the 14th position. Besides, ‘Kulfi Falooda’ was also ranked at the 30th position. 

                            Image credits: Instagram/Tasteatlas

Great news, isn’t it? Since the whole world loves kulfi so much, do you know how this amazing dessert came to being? Well, some legends believe that ‘Kulfi’ originated under Mughal Empire in the 16th century. The desserts which were prominent among the Mughals were already rich and dense. The Mughal chefs added spices like saffron and pistachios and packed them into metal cones. Then, they froze the dessert in a mixture of salt and ice and transported it to the warmer areas. Hence, Kulfi was born. 

This was Kulfi and as the time passed, this dessert became an absolute favourite. And when served with transparent noodles, it becomes falooda and is loved by people even more. 

‘Falooda Kulfi’ or ‘Kulfi’, which is your favourite, do let us know?