7 Chocolate Treats That Are Perfect For A Party

Show a chocolate bar to a child, and you can instantly make friends with them. If they are crying, you can soothe them, and if they are hangry, you can placate them. For any problem you have with children, the easiest solution is chocolate. It is also the best ingredient to think about when planning a party, whether for kids or adults. If the party has chocolate desserts, you do not have to put much effort into making it a hit because everyone will keep themselves busy at the dessert station.

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Chocolate also allows you to explore a variety of sweet dishes with little hassle. Some of the recipes just require a handful of ingredients, and you can even skip the baking process. If an ingredient is as versatile as chocolate, you must make it shine on the menu of the next party or gathering of children.

Chocolate Mousse

Preparing chocolate mousse is so easy that you can even involve your child in the process. You only need eggs, chocolate, vanilla extract, cream, and sugar. If you are making a vegetarian variant, you can skip eggs. This is one of the desserts that does not require baking, hence, you can stop worrying about your child harming themselves in the process. This delight can be made with white chocolate or with vegan ingredients. The velvety texture is what makes it a melt-in-the-mouth delight that you cannot have enough of.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies might seem like an obvious choice, but you cannot overlook their popularity because of it. Besides the baking process, you can make this dessert with your children which will make them feel like they are also contributing to their party. Chocolate chip cookies can be made vegetarian and vegan, depending on your diet preferences. You can also make it healthy by replacing all-purpose flour with wheat or ragi and adding dry fruits to the dough. You can also experiment by hiding berries in the cookie dough. They will add citrus and juice texture to the recipe.

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate truffles are the best options for a children’s party as well as a sophisticated gathering of adults. Boasting rich and smooth texture, aroma, and flavours, it feels like luxury encapsulated in a sweet spherical ball. You can make truffles with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white flavours. To infuse citric, nutty, and butter-sweet notes to it, you can add berries, nuts, dried fruits, coconut, and coffee to the recipe. Do not forget to coat truffles with cocoa powder for an extra layer of chocolate. 

Chocolate Fudge

Serve chocolate fudge to an adult and child sitting in the same room, and soon they will start competing on who will finish it first. The decadent is luscious, smooth, creamy, and oh-so-delicious that it is a bite of it, and you experience gastronomic heaven. It is not only perfect for a party, but also for gifting, holiday season, and special celebrations. The recipe can include vanilla extract, dry fruits, and marshmallows if you are willing to experiment with its traditional flavours. 

Chocolate Strawberries

The easiest dessert that you can make in just a few minutes is strawberries dipped in chocolate. All you need to do for this is melt your favourite chocolate bar until it’s glossy and smooth, dip clean and dry strawberries into it, and freeze them. The sweetness from chocolate and a hint of tangy notes from strawberries make this combination irresistible. You can experiment with your favourite fruit or choice of dry fruits, including cashews and almonds. They are perfect to be on the menu of baby showers, bridal showers, and a tea party.

Chocolate Doughnuts

Fried doughnuts topped with chocolate are the best desserts for a children’s and office party. If you have been in both, you would vouch for the fact that chocolate doughnuts receive similar amounts of attention and crazy reactions from adults and children. Either dip doughnuts in melted chocolate, drizzle chocolate syrup on them, or top a chocolate-filled doughnut with chocolate chips, these desserts have the potential to make guests talk about your part for years to come.

Chocolate Cake

Another obvious dessert pick for any party is a chocolate cake. Even if you are willing to experiment with other chocolate desserts, why leave out a pick which you are 100% sure will be enough to grab everyone’s attention in a gathering? It has a rich flavour, buttery frosting, and fluffy texture that cannot be beaten by any other dessert. You can make cupcakes or pastries according to the number of guests attending the gathering and impress everyone with minimal effort.