7 Ingredients To Pair With Chocolate For Perfect Desserts

There is no doubt that chocolate is among the most obvious choices when it comes to creating sugary delights. It offers a velvety smooth finish, a rich taste of cocoa, and a silky finish to the decadent. However, dessert recipes are more complex. While you can make an entire delectable using just chocolate, you can get creative by infusing various flavours into it.

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For example, citric notes are quite common and pair well with chocolate. But if you want to create a dessert that is not ordinary, you need to experiment with unexpected flavours. It will not only help you take your baking skill up a notch but also acquaint you with unique pairings that will facilitate you to create lip-smacking unique desserts. Here are a few options you must try out.


Coffee and chocolate seem like two ingredients that would never gel, but they bring out the best flavours in a dessert. Chocolate can overpower the bitterness of coffee, making the combination more irresistible. You can make chocolate-coffee frosting to add between layers of a cake or top mocha with chocolate-coated nuts.


Mint is a refreshing green vegetable that is often used in beverages and curries to add a fresh flavour and kick to the recipe. But you can add it to the recipe of dessert along with chocolate to infuse its aroma and create contrasting notes. The after-taste note in the dessert will make it a hit at a party. Try mint chocolate chip ice cream or ganache.


Did you ever think of infusing a dessert with strong flavours of ginger? You can do it only if you pair this ingredient with chocolate so that it is not the only overpowering note. The richness of chocolate and the strength of ginger complement each other quite well. You can tweak the chocolate biscuit recipe by infusing it with ginger.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla might seem like a boring flavour, but it adds sweetness and a delicious note to the recipe. Just a few drops of vanilla extract to a chocolate dessert and witness how the two ingredients. Try adding vanilla extra to a cup of hot chocolate, chocolate mousse, and chocolate brownies.


Cardamom is a spice often used in curries to add freshness and a unique flavour profile. It is also added to various recipes of tea for the same reason. Not only does it add dimension to the dish, but also gels well with chocolate. Try adding it to chocolate truffles, chocolate chai, and hot chocolate for a delightful experience.


Cinnamon is another spice with a strong flavour and earthy notes. It has spiciness as well as sweetness that compliments the bitter-sweet taste of chocolate. It also adds an intoxicating aroma to the dessert. You can make spiced hot chocolate or add this spice to chocolate sauces and truffles.


Chocolate and booze go hand-in-hand. Don’t believe anyone who says it otherwise. This is among the most sinful pairings that adults love to enjoy, especially during the holiday season. Make rum balls or add them to truffle and cake recipes. The richness of chocolate will overpower the bitterness in rum, and you will have a delightful dessert on your plate.