7 Beetroot Dishes To Make Your Kid's Lunchbox Colourful
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Beetroot is a vegetable that transcends its humble origins to become a culinary muse for those seeking to infuse variety into their children's meals. Beyond its visual appeal, beetroot boasts a treasure trove of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this earthy root vegetable contributes to overall well-being, making it an invaluable addition to any child's diet.

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Most parents need help with early morning dilemmas regarding what to pack in their kid's lunchboxes so that the boxes come home empty. Kids are often very choosy, and they hate monotonous lunches. Hence, you can incorporate beetroot into the dishes to make them more colourful and exciting. Here are seven such lunchbox ideas that you can make with beetroot for your kids. 

Beetroot Chilla

Beetroot chilla is a great dish to make for the kids’ tiffin time. Bursting with vibrant colours and robust flavours, this nutritious dish combines finely grated beetroots with a medley of spices, creating a tasty and visually appealing chilla. Accompanied by a dollop of yoghurt or zesty mint chutney, it offers a perfect blend of health and taste.

Beetroot Fried Rice

Beetroot fried rice is a vibrant and nutritious tiffin option for kids. Infused with the earthy sweetness of beetroots, this colourful dish brings a burst of flavour to their lunchtime. Made with aromatic jasmine or regular rice, crunchy vegetables, and a touch of soy sauce, it's a medley of taste and health. This visually appealing dish not only satisfies their taste buds but also ensures they get essential nutrients. You can also add a side of salad or fruits for a change of taste.

Beetroot Tikki

Packing delightful Beetroot Tikki is a vibrant and nutritious tiffin delight for kids. Enriched with earthy flavours and wholesome goodness, these tikkis are crafted with finely grated beetroots, mashed potatoes, and a medley of aromatic spices. Pan-seared, with less oil to make a healthy snack, they offer a crispy exterior and a tender inside. Accompanied by a zesty mint chutney, these beetroot tikkis are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a colourful one that entices kids to eat them.

Beetroot Idli

Beetroot Idli can be a delightful tiffin option for kids that combines health and taste. Infused with the earthy sweetness of fresh beetroot, these idlis are a colourful treat. Packed with nutrients, they offer a playful twist to the traditional idli. Accompanying this dish is a side of coconut chutney, enhancing the flavours with a hint of freshness. Perfectly fluffy and visually appealing, these Beetroot Idlis are a tasty way to ensure your child enjoys a nutritious meal.

Beetroot Pasta

Crafted with al dente pasta smeared in a luscious beetroot-infused sauce, it's a visual and gastronomic treat. The earthy sweetness of beets complements the pasta, creating a palate-pleasing experience. Packed with wholesome goodness, this colourful creation is a source of essential vitamins. Accompanied by a side of crunchy veggies, it's a wholesome and visually appealing meal that ensures both taste and health in every bite.

Beetroot Paratha

Featuring finely grated beetroots, whole wheat flour, and a dash of spices, these parathas boast a unique earthy sweetness. The vivid colours not only make them visually appealing but also packed with nutrients. Accompany these wholesome delights with a dollop of yoghurt, pickle or a side of cucumber slices for a balanced, flavourful meal that's both nutritious and kid-approved.

Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot hummus can be a delicious twist to your regular hummus. This dish features creamy chickpeas, roasted or grated beetroot, tahini and lemon for a nutritious smooth blend. You can accompany this goodness with fresh and crisp veggie sticks, wholewheat crackers, corn chips or pita bread. For your little ones, this dish will shine bright as it will give them a similar feeling of having french fries and ketchup but only a healthier version.