Exploring 8 Beetroot Indian Recipes
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Similar to any other vegetable, root vegetables play a significant role in our diets. Beets, or beetroot, are among the root vegetables that are least popular among people out of all of them. However, the health advantages it offers are too great to ignore. I've included some of my personal list of Indian beetroot recipes here along with others for the same reason. These recipes for beetroot also include side dishes, snacks, and desserts in addition to dry preparations (sabji).

There are many ways to incorporate beetroots into your meals, and they're high in iron, calcium, and minerals. With the help of this collection, you can prepare some incredibly quick and easy recipes at home using this stunning-looking vegetable.

Why Beetroot is Special?

Beetroot is a colorful root vegetable with a rich, deep red color. It also has a strong earthy flavor and a hint of sweetness. It is typically ingested for its mouthwatering flavor as well as possible health advantages. Its unique color is derived from pigments known as betalains, which are also rich in antioxidants.  You can consume beetroot cooked, raw, or pickled.

It provides a generous supply of vital nutrients, such as minerals like potassium and iron, vitamins such as C and folate, and dietary fiber. Beetroot also contains naturally occurring molecules known as nitrates, which may assist the cardiovascular system and enhance athletic performance.

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How You Can Use Beetroot In Indian Cuisine?

Based on the ingredients you utilize in the recipe, beetroots can give your food a lovely pink to crimson-red tone when cooked. Therefore, the dish has a vibrant, eye-catching appearance. Just a few of the delicious and attractive recipes made with beetroot are included in this list of Indian recipes.

1. Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa is here to stay, so forget about the wintertime favorites gajar ka halwa or moong dal halwa. Beetroot is a great option for halwa because of its abundance of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory qualities, and deep red color. Grated beets, cashews, jaggery, ghee, whole or full cream milk, and green cardamom powder are the ingredients used to make this halwa. Grated beetroot is simmered for 40 to 50 minutes, or until it entirely evaporates, after being fried in a small amount of ghee and combined with milk and cardamom powder. After that, add the melted jaggery and simmer for an additional ten minutes. Serve right away after adding cashews as a garnish. It would undoubtedly taste better than the conventional gajar ka halwa. 

2. Beetroot Cutlet

We all have a craving for hot appetizers and snacks during the winter. What about these delectable beetroot cutlets, which are so good they'll outshine any other wintertime nibbles you've been having up to this point? All you have to do to make this recipe is grate the beetroots and squeeze off the water. After that, blend it with some boiled potatoes and seasonings to form cutlets. Additionally, you don't have to fry these cutlets, so wait before you begin. Simply coat the baking tray with a small amount of oil before adding the patties to bake. All you need to do is bake them for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius!

3. Beetroot Rasam

You may not have tried this unique kind of rasam until now. Made with tamarind, sesame oil, curry leaves, asafoetida, and various spices like red chili, cumin, coriander, black pepper, turmeric, and salt, this rasam has sour, spicy, and slightly sweet flavors. Beetroots are boiled, steamed, and then blended with tamarind to make this beetroot rasam. This puree is produced with all the spices listed here, and then the tadka is added. After cooking the rasam for seven or eight minutes with these spices, it is served with steaming rice.

4. Beetroot Paratha

A savory and spicy beetroot mixture is put into a delectable whole wheat flatbread called beetroot paratha. This beet flatbread is one of the numerous nutritious variants of stuffed parathas available. It's easy to cook for a lunch box and provides a satisfying breakfast or brunch. Whenever you are craving a paratha, you can easily replace your aloo paratha with a healthy beetroot paratha!

5. Beetroot Thoran

It's not that the body, mind, and soul will always desire the richest or most opulent dishes. Sometimes, something as simple as a sautéed veggie meal may have very wonderful flavors and textures. Exactly what you need to cheer yourself up. This beetroot thoran in the Keralian manner accomplishes precisely that. This is a simple, yet incredibly delicious dish made with earthy coconut and lovely beetroots that is mildly sweet and spicy. This recipe is both nutrient-dense and vegan.

6. Veg Sandwich or Bombay Sandwich

This is a simple yet delicious recipe for vegetable sandwiches that you can create and savor anytime you need to eat bread or sandwiches! This meal, also known as the Bombay Sandwich, combines sweet, salty, spicy, and savory flavors that will leave you craving more! It is a common street dish in Mumbai and consists of vegetables including beetroot, potato, tomato, onion, and cucumber combined with typical Indian sandwich spreads such as butter and coriander chutney. Offer it as a satisfying and delicious snack or breakfast.

7. Beetroot Poriyal

Introducing Beetroot Poriyal, a unique South Indian dish prepared with beets, coconut, spices, and herbs and mildly flavored. Although you may already be eating beetroot in salads and juices, this is one of those simple ways to cook this incredibly healthful root vegetable. The beetroot's inherent color gives this dry meal a gorgeous crimson glow. This delicious dish's earthiness is enhanced by its use of coconut and spices.

8. Beetroot Fries

If you'd like to avoid starchy potatoes but still have something dippable to go with your favorite burger, then beet fries will be there to satisfy your cravings. You can bake them without having to deal with the messiness caused by deep-frying them. Serve these crunchy, somewhat beet fries with a wonderful, simple mayonnaise on the side. One mouthwatering bite combines crispy, creamy, sweet, and salty flavors.