6 Weight Loss-Friendly Foods To Have For Breakfast

Weight loss is not just a cake walk. And, it's high time for us to realize that it's not just about working out in the gym but focusing on the diet too. When it comes to shedding those extra kilos, having a healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Gorging on the right food can keep you full for a longer time and prevent unwanted hunger pangs until lunchtime. So, what to have for breakfast especially while trying for weight loss?

Don’t worry as we have your back like always. From eggs to bananas, here are 6 healthy and weight-loss friendly foods that can assist you in your weight loss journey!

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Egg is that go-to ingredient found staked in our refrigerators. But can it really help with weight loss? YES. Eggs are a good source of protein. Besides, they have a low-calorie content. As per a report published in Medical News Today, eggs can help in weight loss when consumed without any added sugar or fat. One can have scrambled eggs or an omelete for breakfast.


You may not know but bananas could be a great alternative to the sugary cereals often consumed for breakfast. Bananas have low-calorie and high-fiber content. Its fiber content can keep the stomach full for a longer time and prevent untimely cravings. According to Healthline.com, unripe bananas contain resistant starch which can also reduce belly fat. To incorporate bananas in the diet, one can have low-calorie banana smoothie.

                             Image: Banana


Creamy, light and delicious yogurt could be an ideal addition to the weight loss diet. This is because yogurt contains good protein content which helps in decreasing the hunger level. It contains satiating fats and so many beneficial micronutrients. Not just weight loss, it can strengthen the immunity system and promote better digestion. For quick and healthy breakfast, one can always go for a fruit parfait with yogurt in it.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a perfect example of how something so tiny can have a great impact on the body. Tiny but very powerful, chia seeds are high in fiber and can increase the satiety level. They could be a great addition to the weight loss diet and can also help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, as per Healthline.com. Chia pudding could be the easiest and convenient breakfasts one can have.

Green Tea

Having green tea is a morning ritual for so many people. Because of its high nutritional value, green tea can benefit the body in several ways. As per some known studies, green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine which can boost metabolism and can increase the fat burning process.  


This nutrient dense and powerhouse meal could be ideal for weight loss. As per a report published in womenshealthmag.com, oats are high in fiber and can keep the digestive system on track. Soluble fiber beta-glucan present in oats can keep the stomach full for a longer time and prevent overeating. It can also keep a check on the cholesterol levels. From pudding to as desi as idli, oatmeal could be transformed into different ways.

                              Image: Oatmeal

So, if you are trying hard to lose weight, make a change in your diet plan and see the difference!