6 Ways To Use Vermicelli To Make Creative Dishes
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Summer is the perfect time to experiment with different types of kitchen ingredients and make some refreshing dishes. An ingredient that is extremely versatile and healthy for consumption during summer is vermicelli.

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Vermicelli is not just mouthwatering but also can be paired with a plethora of different ingredients to make delicious dishes. It is one of those few food items that can be made into sweet as well as savoury dishes. The best part about vermicelli is that one can have it at any time of the day. It is perfect for breakfast as well as for dinner. Read on and find different types of vermicelli dishes that they can make at home.

* Vermicelli Noodles

It is hard to resist some delicious noodles. However, eating noodles can negatively impact health as they're made from all-purpose flour that is not easy to digest. A healthier alternative for Chinese noodles is homemade vermicelli noodles. Vermicelli noodles can be made by boiling some vermicelli in hot water until they become mushy. These noodles are then sautéed with cabbage, carrots, spring onions, and some green beans. One may add a source of protein like paneer or chicken, depending on their choice. The final step is to add the sauces of one's choice, along with some salt and black pepper.

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* Vermicelli Idli

Vermicelli idli is a very healthy breakfast option that is quite easy to make. Not only is it delicious, but it is extremely nutritious as well. To make this dish, one first has to roast some ground rava along with ground vermicelli. Then, one has to take some hot oil and roast chana dal with green chillies, cashews and curry leaves. All these sautéed items have to be added to the mixture of rava and vermicelli. The whole mixture should be mixed with curd and some baking soda. The mixture should be put inside Idli moulds and steamed for 15 to 20 minutes to make perfectly cooked idlis.

* Vermicelli Noodle Salad

Vermicelli noodles salad is a very innovative dish, and it's not only popular in India but also in a lot of other Asian countries. It is a flavourful and attractive salad that uses peanut sauce, tamarind sauce, and vegetables, like carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, and any other vegetable that one might like. All of these ingredients are mixed with some boiled vermicelli and noodles. For herbs, one can use coriander leaves, basil, and mint leaves. In this mixture, one can add some olive oil, black pepper, salt, and some chilli sauce if they would like.

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* Seviyan Kheer

One of the most popular uses of vermicelli is to make seviyan kheer. It is an exorbitant and delicious dish that is made by first roasting some vermicelli in desi ghee. Then, the vermicelli noodles are cooked in full cream milk. In the milk, a person has to add lots of dry fruits, saffron and cardamom powder. For sweetness, one can add either sugar or jaggery. One has to let the mixture cook for at least 5 to 10 minutes so that the vermicelli absorbs the flavour of all the added ingredients. It can be served both hot or cold.

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* Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli Upma is also a very popular dish that is generally served for breakfast. It is extremely nutritious and healthy. A person has to first dry roast the vermicelli noodles, and this step shouldn't be skipped at any cost. Now, in the pan, one must heat some oil and add chopped vegetables, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and different types of spices. Everything should be sautéed well. Now, one must add water to the mixture and add vermicelli noodles. The whole mixture should be cooked until the noodles absorb all the water and are soft. Everything should be garnished with coriander leaves.

* Vermicelli Barfi

Chances are high that not a lot of people might have heard of this recipe. Vermicelli barfi is a delicious and lip-smacking dessert that has a creamy texture and is extremely indulgent. To make this barfi, one has to dry roast some vermicelli and powdered coconut separately. Now, in a pan, one has to boil full cream milk until it starts thickening. In the milk, one can add sugar jaggery until it is properly dissolved, and then add roasted vermicelli, dry fruits, and coconut powder. The mixture should be cooked on low flame until it becomes well thickened. The mixture can then be poured on a greased tray and put inside the freezer until it gets a proper shape.