6 Tempting Sweet Dishes To Try From Odisha
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Odisha is a very diverse state in terms of geography and culture. It has many regional communities that have been following various cooking practices and norms for centuries. Most of the dishes in the cuisine of Odisha have been present for decades. People of the state have managed to preserve all the authentic delicacies and stood the test of time. People in Odisha love to devour sweet dishes. This is the reason why the state has a lot of authentic sweet dishes that have remained a hidden secret for many years. As people in India started exploring their own country, more people got to know about these hidden gems of Odisha. In this article, one can find some lesser-known sweet delicacies from the state of Odisha that deserve global recognition.

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* Arisa Pitha

Arisa Pitha can be called the quintessential sweet from Odisha. It is a crunchy and sweet delight that is made with the help of some ground rice flour, and jaggery and has a topping of sesame seeds. It is a comparatively healthier dessert as compared to other results that you will find in the market because of the ingredients that are used. It is made in the shape of a pancake and is a part of all important festivals and celebrations in Odisha. The best way to eat this dessert is to eat it fresh and as soon as it's cooked. 

* Kheer Sagar

Kheer Sagar is another famous dessert from Odisha that means the ocean of milk. From its name, many people might think that it is the local version of Kheer made in Odisha. But it is very similar to Rasmalai in appearance. But upon tasting the dessert , one will realise that it is quite different in both taste and texture from even Rasmalai. This dessert is made by making some chenna balls by sweetening paneer, and then these balls are dipped into dense and sweetened milk. This milk has subtle flavours of cardamom and saffron. This soulful desert is very famous in Odisha and it is unlike anything else that one will find.

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* Kheera Gaja

Kheera Gaja is also an absolute flavourful delight from Odisha which is famous in almost all the regions. It is primarily made from Khiya (mention what is khiya) and is deep fried in Desi Ghee and then covered with sugar syrup. This is a sinful delight that is very unhealthy (replace this- which is high in calories) but its unparalleled taste makes it a guilty pleasure. From the outside, it's very crunchy because of the deep frying. Upon taking the first bite, one will get to taste different textures. From the inside, it's quite soft and moist. The sugar syrup also adds a hint of sweetness. This is the dessert that makes everyone fall in love from the first bite itself.

* Chhena Jhill

Chhena Jhill is also made by using some paneer that is sweetened. This famous dessert from Orissa first originated in a small village near the district of Puri. To this date, the recipe for this dish has been preserved by the small village of Nimapada. The recipe to make these sweet delicacies is very similar to making a Gulab Jamun but somehow it tastes extremely different. People from different parts of the country travel especially to the village to try this heavenly dessert.

* Rasabali

Most of the deserts made in Odisha use sweetened paneer or chenna. This is another sweet delicacy that is made by using sweet Paneer. The chenna is given the shape of a pancake and then fried in Desi ghee. It is then mixed with some creamy rabri and soaked properly so that the pancakes absorb all the flavours. Everything is topped with some saffron and cardamom to give it a refreshing taste.

* Khaja 

Khaja is a special dessert from Odisha that is given as an offering in the Jagannath Puri temple in Odisha. It is one of the 56 dishes that is served in the temple and is considered a dry prasad. On the outer, it looks very much like a puff and has a very crunchy texture. It is made from wheat flour and all-purpose flour that is deep-fried in ghee and then coated with some sugar syrup. It is a very popular dessert and is used as an offering in many temples. 

These are some special desserts from Odisha that are a must-try if a person happens to visit the state. Although the state is filled with many other exciting desserts, these are some of the most popular ones that are unmissable.