6 Steamed And Flavourful Delicacies From Mizoram
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Each of the seven northeastern states in India has its individual culture and cooking practices. However, one thing that unites all of these northeastern states is the fact that they heavily rely on local produce and use everything available in nature to cook their food. The food cooked in Mizoram is influenced by the various culinary practices of North India, Nepal, Bhutan, and even China. One of the dominant aspects of the cuisine of Mizoram is the frequent use of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices.

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 Generally, people like to serve their food on banana leaves while still maintaining all the ancient traditions and cultures. Steaming food is also a very important part of the cooking tradition of people in Mizoram. Many of the dishes present in the Mizo food are steamed, which makes them extremely healthy and digestible. Here are some steamed dishes from the Mizo cuisine that one can try making at home.

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* Bai

Bai is a very famous dish made in Mizo cuisine, which is made from bamboo shoots, spinach, and pork. Since bamboo shoots are very popular in Mizoram, this is one such dish that is made by steaming different types of green vegetables along with soft and juicy pork to make a very light and flavourful stew. The best part about this stew is that it can be made in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. It also has the flavour of some fermented sauces, and most people do not like to use any vegetable oil and rely only on the natural oils present in the pork. 

* Chhum Han

Chhum Han is an extremely tempting vegetarian dish from Mizoram that uses different types of steamed vegetables to make a flavourful dish. These vegetables are steamed and tossed with a little bit of ginger to give it a nice flavour. Chhum Han is generally served with some white rice and is considered highly nutritious as vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and other similar vegetables are used to make this delicacy. This is the right type of meal for people who want to keep their food very light and yet fully nutritious.

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* Mizo Vawksa Rep

Mizo vawksa rep is a very flavourful steamed pork dish that is made using bamboo shoots and some local spices. Some people also like to add a lot of spinach leaves to the dish more dense in nutrition. Mostly, the pork is used in the shape of small cubes that are flavoured with some spices like turmeric and garam masala before being added to the dish. This dish is generally served with some fresh white rice and has a very light flavour of different spices.

* Zawlaidi

Zawlaidi is a very popular dessert from Mizoram that uses ingredients like coconut milk, rice, sugar, and spices like cinnamon powder. All these ingredients are meticulously placed inside a bamboo shoot to make a steamed dessert that is loved by all. This unique dessert has a perfect balance of aroma, coming from the use of different spices and a mouth-melting texture. The sweet delicacy is usually prepared on special occasions, like birthdays and festivals in Mizoram.

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* Bhapa Pitha

Bhapa pitha is a special kind of rice cake that is made not just in Mizoram but also in other northeastern states of India. It is also quite popular in West Bengal and Bangladesh as well. Mostly, this rice cake is consumed during winter and is made from some fresh flour made from rice. The other ingredient that is dominantly used to make this dish is coconut. The filling inside the rice cake is made from a mixture of shredded coconut and some date molasses. Some people also like to use brown sugar or jaggery instead of using molasses. One can also use some cardamom powder to give it a very nice flavour. This steamed rice cake is one of the most beloved desserts in many parts of India, and one can find it being made by using different types of recipes.

* Misa Tenga

Misa tenga is originally considered an Assamese recipe but is equally prevalent in Mizoram. This dish is a shrimp and star fruit curry with creamy flavours and a very beautiful orange colour. To make this dish, people first steam shrimp along with tomato gravy and some green chillies in a bamboo stick. Simultaneously, a very citrusy and creamy gravy is prepared using star fruit and some spices, such as red chilli powder, salt, turmeric, and a little bit of cream. People like to have it with some white rice.