6 Reasons To Add Edible Flowers To Chocolates

Have you ever wondered about making chocolate more interesting? The answer lies in edible flowers (not, it’s not a joke). Transcending all the boundaries, chocolate is the most popular ingredient for desserts across the world. Whether it is the holiday season or festivals, adults and children like to indulge in the creamy texture of chocolate. There is nothing more comforting and satiating than silky chocolate melting in your mouth.

Video Credit: Chef Hadija Khooda/ YouTube

Adding edible flowers to chocolate is a culinary craft that only seasoned chefs have mastered. Many cultures have tried to experiment with chocolate by infusing it with herbs, spices, and other condiments, but edible flowers have to be among the best. Here are a few reasons why you must also try it out the next time you are making desserts with chocolate.

Visual Treat

When the food is served, you don’t only eat it with your mouth, but you also see it and feel its texture. A waiter passing by carrying a vibrant treat might just be enough to make you curious about its taste and name (if you aren’t aware of it). How the dish appears makes a lot of difference, especially if you are in the restaurant business. Adding flowers to chocolate can make the dessert appear more beautiful and irresistible. You post an image on Instagram, and potential customers will be sending queries for the dessert.

Seasonal Variety

Each season has a specific flower growing on your farms and balconies. This offers you an opportunity to introduce your desserts to a variety of flavours and hues. Depending on the flowers you like, you can add to the dessert and enhance its flavour palate in an instant. Incorporating seasonal flowers in the recipe also allows you to experiment and add diversity to an existing dish.

Sensory Experience

If you like roses, you can almost imagine their fragrance. It's a sensory experience that can jolt your memory associated with the flower. Adding edible flowers to chocolate or chocolate desserts can elevate the dining experience. For example, lavender is supposed to have a calming effect on nerves while jasmine has subtle notes that can refresh your mind. You can experiment with adding two or more flowers in chocolate to create a harmonious blend.

Texture Contrast

While chocolate is silky and creamy, it mostly remains hard in the frozen state. On the other hand, flowers are smooth and offer a contrasting texture to the dessert. Each bite adds a burst of flavour and amuses your senses. This technique helps you create a delight that promotes curiosity among people. They would be left wondering what each bite would have to offer to taste buds.

Healthy Treat

Many of the seasonal edible flowers are rich in antioxidants and boast antimicrobial properties. They not only beautify the dessert but also have the potential to improve your health. Violet-coloured flowers are rich in vitamins A and C, and roses have vitamin C. They make the chocolate healthy and promote guilt-free indulgence in your favourite sweet dish.

Artistic Touch

One of the biggest reasons to add edible flowers to your desserts is it allows you to be creative. You are the one responsible for getting all the notes right, but you also have the freedom to express what you want to convey with that dish. The arrangement, colours, blend, and quantity of flowers convey the artistic space you were in when you were making the delight.