6 Desserts To Make With Just Chocolate And 2 More Ingredients
Image Credit: Unsplash

There’s no such thing as enough chocolate. The molten chocolate dripping from your fingers while eating a choco lave cake, indulging in a dark chocolate truffle cake on a celebratory night, or simply a chocolate bar while travelling or as a quick snack after a meal, chocolates have everything to make your day complete.

But buying a dessert from a bakery every day is something that’s not feasible, and who has the time to make everything from scratch at home? So, here are some chocolate-based desserts that just need two more ingredients and just a little time for you to make and relish the gooey chocolate.

Strawberry Bites

If you are bored of having chocolate-covered strawberries as your usual quick dessert, you can try strawberry bites. 

To make these bite-sized pieces of heaven, you’ll need yoghurt, strawberry jelly, and any chocolate. For starters, mix the strawberry jelly and yoghurt. Then, chop the chocolate and them to the yoghurt mixture. Now, take bite-sized portions, place them in a tray and freeze for a few hours till they are frozen. Take them out, drizzle some chocolate sauce over your strawberry bites, and enjoy.

Whipped Chocolate Ganache

There’s nothing more indulgent than chocolate ganache. While the ganache is usually prepared for cake toppings, eating it straight from the bowl is pure nirvana. To make whipped chocolate ganache, take heavy cream and boil it with a dark chocolate bar. Once the chocolate has melted, turn off the heat and stir well. Pour it into cups and add whipped cream on top. You can drive right in or dip some fruits or nuts and then it.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is an easy-to-make dessert which has the most creamy and chocolatey taste. 

To get your hands on a chocolate mousse, start by whipping cream. Then melt your favourite chocolate and it to the whipped cream. Whisk in some powdered sugar as per your taste and continue to whip. Now, all that’s left is to transfer the mousse into cups. You can use a piping bag to get the best results. Finally, refrigerate for some time before you get ready with your spoon.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten chocolate lava cake is obviously as indulgent as it sounds. And here’s a trick to make it without turning your kitchen into a mess. First, collect the three ingredients – chocolate, eggs, and sugar. Now, whisk the egg and sugar together. Then, melt the chocolate and add it to the eggs. Pour the batter into moulds and bake for about ten minutes, and your gooey chocolate cake will be all yours.

Chocolate Bar

To add a little twist to the normal chocolate bar, you can flavour it with dates and oranges or simply add some nuts and dried fruits. To make your personalised chocolate bar, take your favourite chocolate, be it white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate and melt it using a double boiler. Then, add the fruits and nuts that you are fond of. Spread the mixture in a tray and let it freeze. After the mixture is set, slice it into bars, and your chocolate bars are ready.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

To get these chocolate chip cookies, all you need is maida (all-purpose flour), melted chocolate, and chocolate chips. So, start by whisking melted chocolate with flour. When you get a smooth mixture of the desired consistency, add in the chocolate chips. Then, scoop out the batter and shape them into balls. Bake the cookies for about ten minutes and let them cool before you take a bite of the mouth-melting chocolatey goodness.