6 Protein-Rich Dals To Include In The Diet

An Indian thali is incomplete without a bowl of dal in it. One can just not separate dal from Indian cuisine as not just it is simple but soothing and delicious. Most important, dals and legumes are extremely healthy. Plant based dals and legumes are a great source of protein and thus, could be beneficial to the human body in so many ways. These dals are good for healthy bones, skin and immunity too. No wonder our mothers keep forcing us to eat dal! 

And you know what? You don’t need to run after fancy ingredients for everyday protein intake. All you need to do is have these dals. In case you are looking to have a meal full of protein and so many nutrients, we have brought a list of 6 dals that you can have. Thank us later! 

Moong Dal 

Moong dal is amongst the dal cooked more often in Indian households. This dal is rich in potassium, iron and has a very low-calorie content. Not just it can help in controlling blood sugar levels, but it can also help in lowering blood pressure. It also has good protein source and is beneficial for overall health. 

Video credits: Shaluzlovebook Kitchen/Youtube

Chana Dal 

Also known as Bengal gram dal, chana dal is quite loved for its taste. Power packed with manganese, copper and other minerals, this dal is a great source of protein and thus, must be included in everyday diet. Because of its fiber content, chana dal can also aid weight loss. 

Masoor Dal 

If you are looking for a dal which is not just healthy but also easy to digest, try masoor dal. This dal is rich in antioxidants and provides healthy and glowing skin. It can help in regulating blood sugar levels and is also good for bones. It is high in protein and fiber and thus can help in weight management. 

Toor Dal 

Another powerhouse dal is toor dal. Power packed with the goodness of dietary fiber, protein and so many other nutrients, toor dal can help in boosting immunity, can promote better digestion and can even boost the metabolism.  

Urad Dal 

Rich in so many minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, urad dal is a boon for health. A great source of protein, urad dal is extremely beneficial for bones, digestive system and heart health. It can also boost energy in the body and can even help in strengthening the nervous system. 

Kulthi Dal 

Also known as horse gram, kulthi dal is not just rich in protein but also in calcium, fiber, phosphorus and iron. Consumption of kulthi dal can help in weight loss, promoting better digestion, keeping diabetes in check and curing so many other diseases. 

Did you know about the benefits of these dals??