6 Key Tips To Make Your Cakes Booze-Infused Treats
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Adding a bit of alcohol to your favourite baked treats can be a rewarding yet tricky move, if taken too far. However, finding creative ways to incorporate a little splash of magic can do wonders to the final output, making it a thing that is characteristically yours. Who can forget spiking whipped cream with a splash of Irish coffee liqueur used to ice your cake, making it feel dressed up for a special occasion! If you’re a sucker for icing, adding a bit of rum or brandy while whipping it can elevate it significantly. Bursting with the warmth of spirits, boozy cakes perfect to share on a cosy evening to put the sin in sinful.

Mix Into Batter

Incorporating alcohol into your cake batter can be a game-changer if done well – think of decadent Stout cakes or infusing some whiskey into some ginger cake batter. Adding alcohol to the batter not only deepens flavours but also adds a desirably smoky hint. Similarly, add some rum to your carrot cake batter or some Cointreau to an orange tea loaf.

Booze-Soaked Fruit

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Imagine a raspberry filling spiked with deeply earthy red wine or raisins plump after being soaked in rum for a while – mixing fruit with a complementary liquor adds depth and complexity to your cake, elevating them from delicious to addictive.  The nostalgia of a Christmas plum cake is not unknown to most of us!

Syrup With A Kick

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A homemade simple syrup made with equal parts sugar, water and a spirit of your choice can transform your cake. Brush it over sponge layers to keep them moist and flavour them with a subtle boozy note. Some ideas include soaking a lemon cake in limoncello syrup, or even regular tea cake in a cherry liqueur to make an English trifle.

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Boozy Glaze

A showstopper boozy glaze can be life-changing because mixing a spirit like limoncello into your sugar glaze can transform a simple cake into a zesty, grown-up delight. Similarly, add some bourbon to your chocolate ganache before using it to frost your cake and feel an enhanced bitterness to balance out the sweet of your treat.