6 K-Pop-Inspired Desserts For The True STANS

Love K-pop? Then you need to get on the K-pop-inspired food trend wagon! Start with desserts inspired by your favourite K-pop bands and their music. Bake a batch of cupcakes and cover them with black and pink icing to resemble the colours of the popular girl group BLACKPINK featuring Jenni, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose. 

Or make a Mamamoo Moonlight Mochi Medley, as a nod to the soulful and powerful vocals of Mamamoo. Assemble an assortment of crescent or star-shaped mochi bites filled with various fruit-flavored creams! Here are some other ideas for making K-pop-inspired desserts at home

BTS Bangtan Bingsu Bliss

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert made from frozen cream or milk. Frozen cream is usually grated or shaved to make a chilled, snow-like ice treat topped with fresh fruits and a number of toppings. In fact, a colourful serving of bingsu is very similar to the super effervescent and vibrant energy of the BTS music videos. Not to mention, BTS frontman Jungkook loves bingsu; you can try making this Korean shaved ice dessert and top it with colourful syrups, extracts and bright fruits like mango, papaya and strawberry, and maybe a drizzle of chocolate. 

Blackpink Bubblegum Bonanza

Channelling the fierce and fashionable energy of Blackpink, this dessert features bubblegum-flavoured macarons adorned with edible glitter, so it’s yummy and chic! You can style each macaron to represent each member of the popular band; top a macaron with strawberry whipped cream to replicate Rose’s beautiful red hair or give chocolate bangs to a macaron to resemble the famous bangs of Lisa. It can be a dessert fit for the queens of K-pop.

EXO Choco-Constellation Cupcakes

Drawing inspiration from the cosmic and ethereal themes often found in EXO's music, these Choco-Constellation Cupcakes are a heavenly delight. Dark chocolate cupcakes are decorated with edible constellations, reflecting the celestial imagery present in EXO's music videos. The rich chocolate flavour symbolises the deep bond between EXO and their fans you can use some edible silver paint and cool mini props to decorate them.

Twice Tzuyu Taiyaki 

Capture the adorable and charming vibe of Twice's youngest member, Tzuyu, with this playful take on the classic taiyaki. The Twice Tzuyu Taiyaki Treat features fish-shaped pastries filled with matcha-flavored custard, symbolising Tzuyu's Taiwanese roots. The vibrant green colour and sweet matcha flavour make this taiyaki a terrific nod to both Tzuyu and the group's international appeal.

Red Velvet Roll

Taking inspiration from the iconic girl group Red Velvet, this dessert is a twist on the classic red velvet cake. The ‘Red Velvet’ Red Velvet Roll is a luscious combination of red velvet sponge cake rolled with a cream cheese filling. The vibrant red colour pays homage to the group's name, while the cream cheese filling adds a touch of sophistication, mirroring Red Velvet's diverse music style.

NCT Neon Galaxy Popsicles

Celebrate the futuristic and experimental vibe of NCT with these Neon Galaxy Popsicles. Layers of vibrant fruit juices and coconut milk create a visually stunning galaxy effect, while edible glitter adds a touch of sparkle. The popsicles represent the diverse subunits within NCT, with each layer symbolizing the unique talents and flavours each unit brings to the group.