6 Instant Pre-Mixes Students Can Carry While Travelling To USA

As an Indian student, going to the United States is an exciting journey, but in the middle of the thrill of learning about a new culture and pursuing academic goals, one often misses the taste of home-cooked Indian food. Instant pre-mixes become a lifesaver for students on this educational journey, making sure they can enjoy the flavours of India no matter where they are. These carefully made-at-home pre-mixes include a wide range of delicious Indian foods. From the comforting smell of dal to the delicious ease of upma, these pre-packaged mixes make it easy to eat like you're at home, even if you're thousands of miles away. 

Dal Mix: Dal Pre-Mix: A thoughtful creation for Indian students travelling to the USA. This pre-mix contains pre-cooked and dried lentils, expertly blended with aromatic spices. To prepare, simply add hot water or briefly cook. It transforms into a flavorful and nutritious dal, providing a taste of home and the essential protein for a satisfying meal in a foreign land. 

Upma Mix: An ideal companion for Indian students heading to the USA. This pre-mix features roasted semolina combined with an array of spices and seasonings. To enjoy, just add hot water or sauté briefly. It yields a comforting and flavorful upma, reminiscent of home. Packed with convenience and taste, it's a must-have for those seeking a familiar and quick breakfast option abroad. 

Poha Mix: A travel-friendly choice for students heading to the USA. This pre-mix contains flattened rice infused with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs. Preparation is a breeze - simply add hot water or sauté briefly. It results in a light and delightful meal, perfect for a quick and nourishing snack or breakfast while abroad, offering the comfort of home-cooked flavours. 

Vermicelli Mix: An excellent choice for students travelling to the USA. This pre-mix includes roasted vermicelli infused with a medley of spices. Preparing it is effortless - boil or sauté briefly, and you'll have a flavorful noodle-like dish reminiscent of home. It's a convenient and tasty option for a quick meal or snack abroad, offering a touch of familiar Indian cuisine. 

Rasam Mix: A travel essential for students heading to the USA. This pre-mix combines a medley of spices with lentils. Preparing tangy and flavorful rasam is a breeze - just simmer with water. It offers the comforting taste of this South Indian classic, making it an easy choice for a quick, comforting meal or as a remedy for homesickness while abroad.  

Pancake Mix: A convenient option for students travelling to the USA. This pre-mix consists of a perfectly balanced blend of flour, leavening agents, and delightful flavourings. Preparing fluffy pancakes is effortless - simply add water or milk. It offers the comfort of a familiar breakfast, allowing students to enjoy the fluffy goodness of pancakes in their new American surroundings with ease.