Having House Party In The USA? 6 Indian Dishes You Can Make
Image Credit: Unsplash

Those who love hosting parties at their homes know about its charm and excitement. A major part of hosting parties is to decide what to serve to the guests. Everybody wants their guests to enjoy food the most. If you are an Indian living in the USA and planning to host a house party time soon, we understand your dilemma. But you know what? Hosting a house party with Indian dishes in the USA can be a great way to introduce your guests to the flavors of Indian cuisine. 

So, here are six Indian dishes that you can make and serve to your guests. Believe me, these dishes will never disappoint you.

Butter Chicken 

Also known as Murgh Makhani, butter chicken is amongst the most loved chicken dishes not just in India but all across the globe. It is a rich and creamy tomato-based curry with tender pieces of chicken. For your house party, serve this scrumptious chicken curry with naan, coriander chutney, and onion and show them the power of rich Indian food.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer is the most common ingredient used in Indian households. It is the most popular vegetarian protein source and can be cooked in several ways. Marinated and grilled cubes of paneer with vegetables could be a perfect vegetarian appetizer for your guests at the house party.


Samosa is the soul of Indian street food, and we just can’t deny this. Why don’t you introduce this rich and classic snack to your guests? These are deep-fried pastry pockets filled with spiced potatoes and peas that go well with chutney or even a humble cup of tea.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken lovers, no matter where they are, can’t say no to this heavenly chicken dish. Well not just an appetizer, this dish can also be your ideal cocktail side snack. Tandoori chicken has marinated chicken pieces cooked in a tandoor for a smoky flavor. You can also make this using an oven or grill.


Well, Biryani doesn’t need an introduction. This fragrant and flavourful rice dish is cooked with spices and your choice of meat. When served with raita and salan, this rice dish can show your guests a really good time. For vegetarians, one can always replace meat with different vegetables.

Chana Masala

When planning a typical North Indian main course, don’t miss the scrumptious chana masala. This is a spicy and flavourful chickpea curry that goes well with rice or naan. You can always alter the spices as per the preference of your guests while making this delicious chickpea curry.