6 Innovative Vegetarian Dosas You Must Try
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For a foodie, the quest for a soul-satiating meal never ends, and lucky for them, the Indian cuisine never fails to disappoint us when it comes to a variety of lip-smacking dishes each time. From robust curries, spicy snacks to comforting dals, Indian cuisine offers it all. It strikes a perfect balance between heavy, greasy dishes and a light and comforting meal. And when we speak of the latteer, the humble south Indian cuisine comes to the foray with its staple meal of dosa, sambar and chutney, and let’s just say we won’t need anything else. Dosa, for instance, is a thin crepe-like south Indian bread, made with a mix of rice or lentil fermented batter, and often stuffed with a combination of various ingredients. And for those who want to experiment, one can get an endless variety of dosas- egg dosa, keema dosa, moong dal dosa, cheese dosa and much more. 

But if you are someone who wishes to go beyond these fusion dosas and to a little bit more innovative ones, we’ve got you some amazing options to try.

1. Tuppa Dosa 

Originating in the Udipi town of Karnataka, tuppa dosa is quite a unique one as it does not use any lentils like urad dal for fermentation, nor does it include curds, eno or baking soda. In fact, this simple and wholesome recipe relies on just a teaspoonful of methi seeds to do the trick. Tried yet? Click here for the recipe.

2. Protein Dosa 

A blend of the besan chilla from north and central India and coconut dosa from south India, protein dosa has virtually no carbohydrate content, and a high content of protein, which makes it an excellent option for diabetics. The basic ingredients include besan and coconut along with veggies and some spices, making it a perfect breakfast meal. Click here for the recipe. 

3. Dwadashi Dosa

The name of this dosa is credited to the occasion when it's usually eaten - the day following a fast, or Ekadashi, known as Dwadashi, and even though this plain turmeric dosa is served without any stuffing., it is a heavenly treat. As per experts, the food that is consumed after a full day of fasting should be light to the stomach, easily digestible yet wholesome, and this set dosa serves as a whole meal. They are spongy, slightly thick pancakes or crepes, cooked only on one side and thus less oily. Click here for the recipe. 

4. Cabbage Dosa 

Also known as the Sanna Polo dish in Konkani, cabbage dosa is an extremely popular recipe which is a healthy dosa substitute. This is an authentic and traditional dosa dish, just prepared with finely chopped cabbage in a rice and spice mix batter. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Hibiscus Dosa 

Surprised, aren’t you? But it’s true! If you have hibiscus leaves, you can make dosas with it too. A common ingredient in many traditional dishes of Karnataka including chutney, gojju and tambuli, hibiscus makes for such a healthy dosa full of nutrition in which its leaves are ground along with raw rice to whip up soft dosas. It is believed that hibiscus leaves are full of antioxidants, which aid in getting rid of dangerous and undesired pollutants from our body. Click here for the recipe.  

6. Bun Dosa 

An extremely soft and spongy dosa which tastes great when served with mint-coriander chutney, bun dosa gets its name due to its texture of a bread bun. And the best part is that it has no eno and soda, but the softness comes from rice, coconut, and correct fermentation. In contrast to the classic dosa, the batter of bun dosa is composed entirely of rice and no lentils are used. What makes bun dosa unique is the added tempering, which is a mix of spice and coconut. Click here for the recipe.