Bun Dosa: Is It A Dosa, Is It A Soft Bun? Find Out
Image Credit: Bun Dosa

Dosa is an evergreen dish which is an all-time favourite of many. Perhaps that’s why dosa lovers have invented different forms of this South Indian pancake. One of these many kinds of dosa is bun dosa. It is extremely soft and spongy and tastes great when served with mint-coriander chutney. It is referred to as a bun dosa as it has the texture of a bread bun.

This dosa has no Eno and Soda so where does its softness come from? Here the credit is due to rice, coconut, and correct fermentation.

The inclusion of coconut also lends it a completely unique flavour. It might sound similar to neer dosa but it is actually not. What makes Bun Dosa unique is the adding tempering. Apart from Kannadiga cuisine, Bun Dosa also finds favour in Tamil and Malayalam cuisine.  In contrast to the classic dosa, the batter is composed entirely of rice—no lentils are used—and is topped with a spice and coconut tempering. 

Here are a few things one needs to be cautious about to get perfect Bun Dosa. The rice-based batter needs to be completely fermented. You must ensure that the batter rests for 8–12 hours. If you live in a cold area, you can keep it under the sun or in a warmed oven. 

To derive that thick shape of a bun, you need to cook the dosa in an appam pan. The curved form of the dosa pan makes it easier for it to spread out on its own and take on the thick shape of a bun. 

Bun Dosa 

    2 cups raw rice

    1 tsp fenugreek seeds

    1 cup rice flakes

    3/4 cup fresh grated coconut 

    1.5 tsp salt 


    Take 2 cups of raw rice and add  ½ tsp fenugreek seeds. Rinse well with water.

    Then add water and soak it for 3-4 hours. 

    Transfer to a mixer. Add 1 cup rice flakes, 3/4th cup of freshly grated coconut and some water. Grind to a fine batter. Transfer to a fine bowl. 

    Adjust it for consistency. Add water if required.

    Let it ferment in a warm place for about 8-10 hours. 

    Add 1.5 tsp salt and mix well. 

    In a tempering xxx, put 2.5 tsp oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1.5 tsp grated ginger and 1.5 tsp green chopped chillies. Let it crackle. Mix well. 

    Pour it over batter. 

Method for mint coriander chutney:

    Take 2 tsp oil, 1 tbsp chickpea lentils, ½ tbsp white urad lentils, 3 red chillies and saute. Dry red chillies should change colour.

    Keep it aside. 

    In a pan, 1/3rd cup of mint leaves, ⅓rd cup of curry leaves, 1/3rd cup of coriander leaves and saute it.

    Take roasted ingredients and blend it in a mixer. Powder it coarsely. Add 2 tbsp grated coconut and the sauteed greens 3/4th cup of salt and marble sized tamarind, ½ cup of water and grind it finely. 

    In a pan, take 2 tsp of oil, ½ tsp mustard seeds, white lentils and curry leaves. Let it crackle and temper the chutney with it. 

    In a wok, rub some oil. Pour 1.5 ladle of batter in the centre. Then put about 1 tsp of oil on all sides. 

    Close the lid and cook. Flip and cook from the other side.

    Bun dosa is ready to be served with mint chutney.