6 Homemade Protein Shakes For Quick Weight Loss

Weight loss has never been easy, has it? It takes a lot more effort, hard work and sweat than you can ever think about. Weight loss is not just about working out in the gym but focusing on the diet too. Often, we see people running after expensive protein shakes from the market during their weight loss regime. But you know what? You don’t have to do it anymore. We have brought some homemade protein shakes that can help you! 

These protein shakes could be made with the simplest ingredients available in the kitchen and gets ready in no time. The best part is that they are as healthy as other protein shakes you buy from the market. Wanna know more? Scroll down! 

Choco Almond Butter Protein Shake 

Made with the goodness of almond butter and dark chocolate, this protein shake is not just healthy but delicious too. Not just is it an instant mood booster but can also help with weight loss. All you need is some almond butter, grated dark chocolate, chopped apple, milk, yogurt and dates. 

Sattu Protein Shake 

Well, if there is a desi protein food, it could be nothing better than sattu. Also known as ‘poor man’s food’, sattu is loaded with protein and is much cheaper as compared to other protein powders available in the market. You can make this desi protein drink using sattu powder, chopped onion, water, handful of chopped coriander, lemon juice and salt. 

Video credits: FitFood Flavours/Youtube

Peanut Butter Banana Shake 

Well, this is the most consumed protein shakes, isn’t it? The key ingredients in this drink, I.e., bananas and peanut butter, both are known for their high nutritional value. One can have his protein shake after their workout session. Along with bananas and peanut butter, ingredients like Greek yogurt, soy milk and chia seeds could also be added.  

Apple Oatmeal Protein Shake 

Apple is great for health and when consumed along with oatmeal, it can be the best protein shake you can ever have. As per some studies, the phytonutrients present in apples can keep blood sugar levels in check while oatmeal can help in weight loss. One can add some cocoa powder to the shake to enhance the taste. 

Ragi And Banana Shake 

Ragi is a millet power packed with minerals and nutrients. Not just is it a great source of dietary fiber, calcium and protein, this millet can improve hemoglobin levels and can keep stomach full for a longer time. Other ingredients like banana and chia seeds can also benefit the body in so many ways.  

Mango Almond Milk Shake 

If you are looking to have a perfect post-workout shake, try this. Made with fresh mangoes, almond milk, chia seeds and handful of nuts, this shake helps in cutting off the carbs from the body and helps in muscle recovery.  

Try these homemade protein shakes and let us know which worked the best for you!