For anyone who doesn’t like to cook elaborate breakfasts or spend too much time in the kitchen, an egg is a beautiful ingredient. Not only is it brimming with protein – which is perfect for filling you up in the morning, but eggs are also super versatile and easy when it comes to cooking! From simple and highly satisfying omelettes, boiled eggs to creamy and delicious deviled eggs, the options are endless and exhaustive as per the kind of cook you are! While I love a perfectly done sunny-side-up, I would love to see a variety of eggs on the table.

Protein-rich, versatile and easy to include in all meals, eggs are a crowd-pleaser. Pair it with slices, toss it up in a salad, scrambled or poached or eat as is; one doesn’t have to think a lot with eggs. And if you are someone who loves eggs to bits, we’ve got five amazing recipes for you to try. So get ready to whip up more than just an omelette in your morning meal!

1. Egg Bhurji

Classic Indian egg recipe, which can easily be a wholesome brunch meal, egg bhurji has whisked eggs cooked with a bunch of spices, onion, chillis and tomatoes before serving with a buttery pav!

2. Egg Chaat

Give your regular bowl of salad a desi spin with eggs, lemon, tamarind, and ketchup tossed with a host of spices in this quirky egg recipe which requires absolutely no cooking.

3. Egg Paratha

Talk of a typical Indian breakfast and parathas are the first to cross our mind. From aloo, gobhi to pyas and paneer, Indians have a penchant for paratha stuffed with anything and everything. So how can eggs be behind? Break an egg over your next paratha, and that’s all you need to do to cook this one. Yes, literally!

4. Egg Muffin

No, it isn’t your sweet treat muffin but a scrumptious mix of egg with chicken sausages, onion, capsicum, cheese, salt and pepper! Baked to perfection, this could be a perfect party snack too.

5. Chilli Egg

Satiate your cravings for spice with this chilli egg recipe with deep-fried eggs coated in a thick gravy of onion-tomato, chillies and soya sauce and served with toasted bread.

Try these yummy egg recipes for your protein-fix early in the morning, and let us know your experience!