6 Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Your Healthy Breakfast
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Quinoa, also known as Bathua in India, is a part of the flowering part of the amaranth plant and other plants in the same family. It is the seed of this plant that is edible and is often acclaimed for its health benefits, like being rich in vitamins, fibre, protein, and different types of minerals. Quinoa is also considered a very healthy substitute for rice as it has a similar texture but contains a significantly higher amount of nutrients and is more digestible. 

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Being low in calories, it is also a great option for people trying to cut their calories while still eating food that is fulfilling and healthy. Eating eggs every day can be boring. Also, for vegetarian and vegan people, it's certainly a hard task to think of new breakfast recipes that can be prepared within a few minutes every day. To avoid such unwanted problems, one can try the magic grain quinoa and its different breakfast recipes. 

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* Quinoa Upma

Upma is a classic South Indian recipe that has a lot of regional interpretations. The quinoa upma recipe is made by replacing the traditional ingredient semolina and using quinoa as the main ingredient. To make it more spicy and Indian-like in taste, one can add different ingredients like curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, crunchy vegetables like onions, bell peppers, and lots of tomatoes, along with a little bit of turmeric, salt, and red chilli. This flavourful recipe is prepared within a few minutes and is the perfect healthy and delicious breakfast option.

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* Quinoa Dosa

Quinoa dosa is made by making a batter from urad dal, fermented rice, and quinoa in a food processor using a little bit of water. This is going to make the most fulfilling, nutritious and fibrous dosa one can ever make. It is a delicious recipe that can be paired with some coconut chutney or any kind of chutney that one likes for breakfast. The best part is that one doesn't have to separate. Prepare a stuffing of potatoes or anything else to make it a complete dish, as it's pretty heavy on its own.

* Quinoa Paratha

Most Indian people love having some crunchy and butter-simmered parathas in the morning. To make a healthy paratha from quinoa, one simply takes some wheat flour and then mixes it with quinoa flour in a food processor. In this mixture, one can slowly add a little bit of water to make an elastic dough. The dough should be left to rest for at least one hour before parathas are made out of it. You can add different types of stuffed vegetables, cottage cheese, and a little bit of spices like red chilli powder, salt, and cumin seed powder. The parathas can be then cooked on a pan with a little bit of butter and then served with some fresh curd.

* Quinoa Khichdi

Quinoa khichdi is the right thing to make when one is feeling extra healthy and wants to eat something extremely light and soothing on the stomach. This is a flavourful and aromatic concoction of quinoa greens with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, capsicum, carrots, and any other vegetable that one would like to add. One must make sure that they add only a few spices like cumin seeds, salt, black pepper, red chilli powder, and cook it in a little bit of mustard seed oil. This dish is a very comforting breakfast and is perfect for people who cannot eat a lot in the morning.

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* Quinoa Masala Oats

Quinoa and oats are often considered competitors because of similar nutritional profiles. But what if a person decides to eat the two of these together? Well, it is going to make the most wonderful dish of all time, which is not just healthy but also extremely hearty. One can make a delicious Indian-style breakfast by using these two grains and cooking them in a little bit of vegetable oil with some sautéed vegetables like spinach, bell peppers, onions, carrots, and some subtle spices. In this mixture, one can add quinoa and oats with a little bit of water and let the whole mixture cook until everything becomes soft and edible. Just before serving, one can sprinkle some lime juice and fresh coriander leaves on the top.

* Quinoa Idli

Idli is also a very healthy South Indian breakfast that a lot of people like having as it's light and, at the same time, quite delicious. If one wants to make the regular idli extra fibrous, then a simple way is to add quinoa to the idli batter. One has to make a batter by blending quinoa, urad dal, and rice to make a smooth and luscious batter. This batter has to be carefully put inside idli stands and then steamed. The quinoa idlis can be served with different types of chutneys and be prepared within half an hour.