Oats Pulao To Oats Manchurian: Add Oats To Your Lunch This Way

We want to begin our week on a healthy note after indulging ourselves over every weekend. The regret of overindulging in bad food over the weekend motivates us to eat well the following day. One such superfood with a reputation for being great for our bodies is oats. Oats are a wise diet choice because they are packed with beneficial fibres, anti-oxidants, proteins, and other necessary minerals. But because we don't fully understand the diversity of oats, we frequently find it challenging to cook with them. Therefore, we have discovered some delectable methods for you to include oats in your lunch. Simple oats can be used to make pulao, khichdi, roti, and even Manchurian! 

Oats Pulao 

Who doesn't enjoy a tasty pulao? This inexpensive lunch of rice, vegetables, and spices is hearty and sustaining. Simply swap out the rice in this dish with oats, and you'll have a filling, robust meal that tastes great too. 

Recipe: Blend the coconut, ginger, garlic, coconut, ½ an onion, and coriander in a blender to create a paste-like consistency. Put aside. In some olive oil, fry the onions. Add the cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom as well. Add the red chilli powder once the onions have fully browned, and cook for an additional 30-45 seconds. Add the shallots and oats at this time. Water should be applied to it. Cook on a low heat while keeping covered. It might take five minutes or so. To hasten the process, continue to sprinkle water often. Do not, however, add too much water, since this will destroy the pulao. Transfer it to a large mixing bowl once it's finished cooking, then season with salt and the masala that has been mixed. 

Oats Khichdi 

The most well-liked one-pot dish is khichdi, which is frequently relished when we want to nourish our bodies properly. Even though this dish is already regarded as nutritious, it is possible to make it even healthier. This oats khichdi includes dal and veggies, both of which are healthy. 

Recipe: Heat the cumin seeds in oil in a pressure cooker while it's heating up. Ginger and green chillies are then added and the onion is cooked until transparent, only a few more seconds. Tomatoes are then added after the red and turmeric chilli powders. Saute them until they are soft. Combine the oats with the moong dal that has been washed and all the vegetables. For sometime, sauté. Adjust the salt and then add water. Cook for 8 minutes in a pressure cooker. Open the lid after the pressure has subsided. With yoghurt and coriander or green chilies chopped into the dish, serve hot. 

Oats Roti 

With this oats roti, you can replace the homemade atta roti with a healthy option. These rotis are already wonderful because they are filled with oats, onions, and coriander leaves. Your choice of dal or sabzi will go well with this nutritious roti. 

Recipe: Oats roti preparation is easy. All you have to do is combine flour and water, knead the dough, let it rest, and then use it to make rotis. Simply mix equal portions of atta and oats flour to make oats roti, then knead dough as usual with water and a little salt. 

Oats Curry 

It takes just 20 minutes, you can make this masala gravy that is creamy and flavorful. You may make a delicious curry with oats, vegetables, seasoning, and yoghurt that you can eat for lunch with rotis. A hot tadka is also included with this oats curry. 

Recipe: Boil oats until they are tender. Until then, finely cut any other vegetable you like, including onions, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. Put the oats in a bowl once they are done. Mix thoroughly after adding the veggies and curd. Add seasonings like salt, pepper, and red chilli powder. Add them collectively. Heat some oil in a small pan and then add the mustard seeds, curry leaves, urad dal, and one dry red chilli. Pour this into the bowl of oats as soon as it begins to sputter. Combine, then take pleasure in! 

Oats Manchurian 

Oats give this traditional Indian Chinese stew a nutritious edge. The Manchurians in this hot gravy are made of vegetables and wholesome ingredients like oat flour. The fact that the Manchurians are baked rather than fried is another fantastic aspect of this recipe. 

Recipe: Add the seasonings to a bowl with the vegetables, oat flour, and a little amount of rice flour. Use this batter to form tiny bowls. (Keep in mind that the batter needs to be smooth and pliable enough for the balls to stay together during baking or roasting.) Place these balls on a baking sheet or an idli/appe pan, bake for 5 to 6 minutes, then rotate the pan until golden brown. Then, add all of the chopped vegetables to a pan with a little oil still warm, along with the ginger and garlic paste, and sauté for a while. Salt and pepper are then added, and after 2-3 minutes, everything is thoroughly cooked. Finally, stir in the baked Manchurian balls.