6 Handy Tips To Make The Perfect Poached Eggs

Egg is one of the most convenient and wonderful ingredients we could ever get. The versatility of eggs is not new to us. From breakfast to dinner, from salads to desserts, eggs can fit in right literally everywhere. The best part is that there is not one but so many ways to enjoy eggs. From scrambled eggs to sunny side up, eggs can never disappoint us. Among the most loved egg preparations across the globe, there are poached eggs. But making them is too hard, isn’t it? 

Cooked in a bath of gently simmering water, poached eggs have golden yolk covered with a smooth and silky white covering. But those who love poached eggs know that making them to perfection is no less than an art. It could be little tricky and fussy to make but the end results are surely amazing. With a few tips and tricks, you can actually ace the art of making perfectly poached eggs every single time. Wanna know those tips? Here you go! 

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Go For Fresh Eggs 

The foremost rule to make the perfectly poached eggs is to use fresh eggs. When the eggs age, they become more fluid and leads to ghost-like whiskies in the water. It is advisable to go for fresh eggs for better results. 

Using The Right-Sized Pot 

One doesn’t need a big pot of water to make poached eggs. And using a pot which is too tiny will also not help as it would not provide enough space for the eggs to get cooked. It is advisable to go for straight-sided skillet with not more than 4 inches of water.  

Follow The Right Temperature 

When the water is at a rolling boil, there is a higher chance that the eggs would blow apart. Similarly, when the water is too cold, the yolk and whites are more likely to separate from each other. Egg should always be added to the pot when the water is simmering. 

Go Slow 

It happens when a lot of people cook so many eggs at a time and it just gets messed up. In the beginning, especially when at the learning stage, it is essential to go slow. One must avoid cooking too many eggs together but can surely do it, once they attain perfection. 

Breaking The Eggs Properly 

Making poached eggs could be a delicate process. And one must not break the eggs directly into the pot but crack them into cups or bowls one by one. This would make it easier for you to slide them into the simmering water. This extra step would keep the egg intact. 

Avoid Cooking Eggs For Too Long 

It is essential to keep a check on the cooking time of the poached eggs. When overcooked, the poached eggs will have firm yolks with rubbery whites whereas an ideal poached egg should have a gooey-but-runny yolk with firm white. One should cook for not more than 2 minutes for runny eggs, 3 minutes for a runny yolk with set white and 4 minutes for a properly done egg with a soft yolk. 

Follow these tips and let us know if they helped!