6 Hacks To Make Delightful Gelato At Home

Gelato is a type of Italian dessert and simply translates into ice cream in the Italian language. Most people know it for its creamy texture and the fact that it is a kind of frozen dessert from Italy that has a texture very similar to regular ice cream. However, observing closely, one would realise that gelato is a lot more dense, creamier, and smoother than regular ice cream. The reason behind this is the fact that gelato has more milk as compared to cream. 

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In a regular ice cream, the amount of cream is more than the amount of milk which is why it is high in fat. Also, gelato contains no eggs or egg yolks for a denser texture. It is purely made from milk and generally has only 6% to 9% fat, which is a lot less than regular ice creams. The gelatos available in India are generally quite expensive. But with the set of hacks, gelato can be easily made at home. Here is a look at these hacks.

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* Ingredients 

As gelato is primarily made from milk, one should make sure that the milk that they're using is whole milk that consists of heavy cream. One should not go for milk that has water added to it or any adulterated type of milk. Also, gelato is generally made from different types of fruits, one should make sure that the fruit extract is pure and does not have any synthetic flavours. If a person cannot find pure fruit extract from the market, they might make it at home only. Always remember that gelato gets its flavours from the use of premium ingredients that infuse a dynamic flavour into the frozen dessert.

* Measure Carefully 

While making gelato, a person has to be extremely precise while using ingredients. The first step is to make sure that one has a kitchen scale that can measure the amount of quantity being used accurately. Ingredients such as fruit puree and sugar have to be used very attentively. Also, gelato is primarily made from milk and not cream so that is another aspect to keep in mind. If one can, then they may also invest in the necessary equipment that can bring out the best outcome. A high-quality gelato mixer can be a great investment for someone who wants to make the frozen dessert most frequently at home.

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* Egg Yolks

Although the most authentic form of gelato doesn't have any form of eggs, making gelato at home, without using eggs, can be a bit tricky. Egg yolks help in bringing a fluffy texture to the frozen dessert and also help in imparting a certain type of creaminess. As a person making gelato at home doesn't have any proper gelato machines, it is always better to resort to more easily accessible ingredients, such as egg yolks to get the desired consistency. However, a person should make sure that these eggs are tempered properly before being added to the base of the ice cream. This step will help in preventing any kind of scrambling of eggs. The right way to mix egg yolks with milk is to gradually add milk to the yolks and create a smooth and dense mixture.

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* Chilling Gelato

After making the frozen dessert, keeping it in the refrigerator properly is important as it helps give it the required consistency and shape. The base has to be chilled in the refrigerator for several hours and more preferably overnight. This step is not only going to help in obtaining a smoother consistency but also enhance the flavours present in the gelato. Also ensuring that the ice cream machine of the gelato maker is already cool before putting ingredients is also going to help in maintaining the optimal temperature of the frozen dessert.

* Experimenting

While everyone loves classics, getting a bit creative and adding different types of flavours to make delicious gelatos is a great idea. Keep trying some off-beat flavours, such as cucumbers, coffee, red velvet, and other similar flavours that one would feel or a bit difficult to crack. Start by making only a small batch and slowly proceed. This way, a person will slowly start mastering the art of making gelato at home by using different types of ingredients. Always eating vanilla and mango can get a bit boring. So a little creativity goes a long way.

* Topping Bar

Having a topping bar on the side while making gelato can also make things a lot easier. Gelato is not just about the frozen dessert made from milk and various condiments for imparting flavours. It also consists of different types of topping ingredients that not only add to the overall look of a particular dessert but also make it a lot more delicious. One can add gummy bears, sprinkles, chocolate, chips, and dry fruits.