6 Glasses You Must Have In Your Home Bar

You are trying hard to make your home bar look impressive. But do you have all the essential glasses? You just cannot serve martini in a tall glass and whisky in a wine glass. You need to have the right glasses. You would need martini glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, highball glasses, and rock glasses. Believe me, investing in such glasses is definitely a good idea. So, let’s tell you about the glasses you must have in your bar.  

Rocks Glass 

The rocks glass is best for drinks build within the glass and not with the cocktail shaker. This doubled old-fashioned glass is perfect for drinks like the Old Fashioned, Negroni served on ice, and Sazerac.  

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Coupe Glass 

Also known as the champagne coupe or champagne saucer, it is a stemmed glass with a broad and shallow bowl. Originally developed for champagne, this coupe was refashioned as a lovely alternative to the martini glass. 

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Highball Glass 

It is a stemware known by different names such as Delmonico, Highball, and Collins. All these glasses have characteristics of a ‘chimney glass’ but have slightly different capacities from each other. This glass is perfect for cocktails requiring lots of ice.  

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Champagne Flute 

This is one of the most popular stem wares. If you love drinking a mimosa, you would love a flute glass which is widely recognized all over. These delicate glasses are perfect for drinks that have a sense of aroma in them.  

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Pilsner Glass 

A pilsner glass is typically used to serve light beers. Not only this, but it can also be useful for serving many mocktails well as cocktails. The best part is one gets to appreciate the whole look of the drink from top to bottom.  

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Shot Glass 

Shot glasses are used for drinks that are consumed in one go. Generally used for vodka and other hard drinks, it has drinks that are not consumed in sips. Whether you are having a party or just hanging out, vodka shots could be a perfect option. Isn’t it? 

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So, how many glasses do you have in your home bar? Do let us know!