Complete Guide To Use 6 Types Of Glassware
Image Credit: 6 Glassware Types

Would you like to have all kinds of drinks in the same glass? Have you ever noticed that every alcohol is served in a different glass whenever you visit a bar or pub? But did you know every glass has its own utility and other names? Here we help you with six of them: 

Snifter glass

The stem of the snifter glass is very short; hence there is enough space to hold it between your two fingers. From below, when you keep it between 2 fingers, your hand remains on the glass. This glass is extensive from above, due to which you can fully feel the fragrance of the drink served in it. Usually, brandy and cognac are served in it. 

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Grappa glass

Grappa glass is a glass category between a wine and rocks glass. Its bottom is bulb-shaped and is straight and narrow from above. Grappa glass is small, due to which the alcohol seems strong. Whereas if you drink the same alcohol in another glass, you will find it light. 

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Flute glass

These glasses are used to serve champagne. It is thinner at the bottom and longer than the top, due to which the champagne bubbles stay well in the glass. The flute glass is also used for sparkling wines, where the narrow bottom help retains the bubbles for a long time. 

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Wine glass

As suggests the name, this glass is used to serve wine. Do you know that 90% of the wine's taste is in its aroma? The mouth of a wine glass is wide; do you know why? Whenever you bring it near your lips to sip it, you can inhale its aroma first. 

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Collins glass

These glasses are very long, especially to put a lot of ice in them. It contains soda, ice so that your drink taste better till the last sip. Now you know why it is essential to serve Mojito only in a Collins glass. 

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Martini glass

You must have seen martini glass in the James Bond film. This conical-shaped glass is used for non-icy drinks, where some unique ingredients are added for taste in the bottom.