6 Dishes You Can Make In An Electric Food Steamer

When you are a student or working professional living alone, cooking seems like a hassle. It seems like a mundane task, but you cannot order food every day. It can hamper your health in multiple ways. One of the appliances that can resolve your problem, make cooking easy, and require less space in the room or kitchen is an electric food steamer.

Glen’s Electric Food Steamer 3052 features a three-tier design, allowing you to cook vegetables, eggs, and whatnot simultaneously. It has a 60-minute timer which allows you to select the period for which you want to cook the ingredient. The 1-litre water tank facilitates online filling so that there is no interruption while cooking, and its food grade ensures no chemicals leach your food. The safety protection feature prevents the appliance from overheating and offers boil-dry protection.

Here are 6 dishes that you can cook in this electric steamer.

Steamed Fish

An electric steamer is perfect for cooking or steaming fish, especially if you are a noob who ends up scraping the skin in the skillet. Take tilapia, trout, or any fish of your choice, season it well, and place it inside the steamer. Set the timer and relax. Once the timer goes off, you can check the fish, and if it is not cooked, you can set the timer again. Once done, serve it with herbs and lemon on the side. 

Steamed Rice

Steaming rice cannot get easier than this. All you have to do is add washed and rinsed rice grains into the Glen’s Electric Food Steamer 3052, read the instructions for water, and set the time. Your rice will be ready while you complete other chores around the house. You will not have to put in extra effort to ensure rice is fluffy, the appliance will do the job. 

Steamed Vegetables

If you are looking to make your meals healthy, it is better to eat steamed vegetables. Make sure to add broccoli, beans, and carrots in the bottom container, and capsicum, corn, peas, and others in the above container. It will ensure everything is cooked to perfection. Once done, drizzle your favourite dressing on the top and enjoy.

Steamed Chicken Or Tofu

An electric steamer is perfect for steaming protein-rich ingredients like chicken or tofu. You can add them to one of the baskets while preparing salad for the evening. The steam will cook the meat to perfection without your intervention. You can also later toss in your favourite sauce or dressing and enjoy a healthy meal.

Steamed Dumplings

If you have been struggling to steam dumplings, an electric steam is what you need in the house. Instead of purchasing them from outside, you can make dumplings or momos at home without any hassle. Once you are done filling the dough with the choice of your vegetables and meat, arrange them in the basket, set the time, and relax. Enjoy hot dumplings with spicy chutney.

Egg Custard

There are a few desserts that need steaming to settle and cook, one of which is egg custard. Made with sugar, milk, eggs, and vanilla extract, the sweet dish needs to be steamed so that the custard settles. You can add the batter to the moulds and place each in the steamer. It will take only a few minutes and your dessert will be ready. It is perfect for serving unannounced guests.