6 Desserts Inspired By Taylor Swift's Albums And The Eras Tour
Image Credit: Unsplash

Music has a way of reaching to the soul, and so does food. And in this ever-evolving landscape, there are a few artists who have the capability of stealing your heart. With more than 270 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say Taylor Swift is one the leading icons whose lyrics are embedded in people’s minds and hearts. What’s more, the 14 Grammy award-winning artist is also known to be a foodie!

While each of her albums is an emotional journey, you must have your favourites. Be it 1989, Red, or Midnights, why don’t you capture their essence with a dessert that can have a similar effect on your soul? So, as Taylor says, “Welcome to the Eras Tours!” and for a twist, make it your personal concert with drool-worthy desserts.

Fearless - Vanilla Cupcakes With Raspberry Filling

Just like Taylor Swift’s one of the first albums, celebrate it with vanilla cupcakes with a rich filling of raspberries. It’ll be a classic metaphor for representing first love and teenage innocence, but at the same time, a classic dessert. 

The cupcakes don’t have to be elaborate. Start with the basic vanilla-based batter and pour it into silicon cupcake moulds. Leave some space in the centre for the fruity raspberry filling, and then cover the top layer with the remaining batter. Add sprinkles on the top to celebrate young love.

Speak Now - Blackforest Cake

If you’re inviting your friends over for a Taylor Swift-themed Karaoke party, a cake would be the perfect option for everyone to indulge in. Since Speak Now is all about a fantasy world filled with fairytales and strong emotions, bake a chocolate cake with some whimsical twist. You can start by slicing the baked chocolate cake into three layers and adding whipped vanilla cream and berries in between each layer for a black forest look! Then, cover it with vanilla ice cream and decorate the cake with edible flowers and lavender topping resembling Taylor Swift’s dress on the cover.

Red - Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart

Red is the album that represents all fiery emotions. Be it the “red lip” or the “red scarf”, the album revolves around love and loss. To match up to the album, you can make a dark chocolate cherry tart that will have all the bold flavours and textures.

For a dark chocolate cherry tart, take some melted dark chocolate, pre-baked tarts, and cherry jam. Add a thin layer of molten chocolate mixed with heavy cream on the tarts and top it with cheery jam. Then pour the melted chocolate topped with whipped cream. Finally, add some cherries on top to give an even bolder look.

1989 - Salted Caramel Macarons

As Taylor Swift reinvented herself with the release of "1989," the salted caramel macarons will give you the perfect twist to a French delicacy. To represent the many emotions represented in one album, make sure to bake various colours of macarons each representing an emotion. So, whip together egg whites, almond flour and sugar and place them in small circles in a baking tray. Once baked and cooled down, fill them with salted caramel and buttercream for a crisp shell and chewy and mouth-melting centres.

Lover - Rainbow Cake

As the name suggests, the album - Lover, is widely popular among couples for proposals or a couple dance. To commemorate love in all its forms, why don’t you bake a rainbow cake? Start by making a thick vanilla cake batter and the colours of the rainbow in an ode to the spectrum of love. 

Bake all the colours in different baking pans and stack them on top of each other using whipped cream. Next, cover the cake with whipped cream and add rainbow sprinkles and the firecracker candle on top for a dreamier romance touch.

Evermore - Cake Pops

Evermore focuses on introspective storytelling with melodies that can make you nostalgic. So, make a toast to all forms and versions of yourself by cherishing the child within you with cake pops. Making cake pops is as playful as eating them. You can start by baking any cake and crumbling it into the shape of a sphere. Then, wrap the spheres in melted chocolate mixed with heavy cream and some sugar. Let it freeze, and then garnish it with some toppings and chocolate sauce. Now, all that’s left is to be a child and relish the cake pops.