6 Cooking Without Fire Recipes To Try With Kids This Weekend
Image Credit: Pexels

With the hustle and bustle of life, you probably would be getting some weekends to spend quality time with your children. If that’s the case, why don’t you engage your kids and let them in the kitchen with you? However, elaborate recipes or cooking with heat might not be the best way to keep your kids entertained and safe.

So, this weekend, why don’t you explore some no-fire cooking ideas to have a memorable time with your kids? Not only will these options be safe, but they will also be mess-free so that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the kitchen. Read on and know how you can teach your kids some kitchen essentials, spend quality time, and make delicious snacks for everyone.


Bhelpuri is an easy and tasty option that you can make with your kids over a weekend. Since the snack does not involve any cooking with fire, your kids can have their time in the kitchen. However, make sure that you chop the vegetables, like onions and tomatoes, to put in the bhelpuri and make sure your kids stay away from the knife. You can let your kids mix all the ingredients, like chopped vegetables, sev, bhelpuri mix, and imli chutney, and enjoy it as an evening snack.

Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt parfait is a healthy recipe that you can make without fire. You can let your kids make this layered dessert with some yoghurt, chopped fruits, dry fruits, nuts, and whipped cream. All they would need to do is fill in some cups with yoghurt as the first layer, fruits as the second layer, and whipped cream as the topmost layer. Then, you can ask the kids to add some more fruits, dry fruits, and nuts to garnish it.


Popsicles are the most fun treats to make with your kids, especially during the summer season. To make a popsicle, you’ll need to take seasonal fruits like mango, watermelon, melon, litchi, etc. Then, you can pell the fruit, and your kids blend the fruit with a hand blender till it has a thinner consistency. Then, you can pour the puree into moulds, freeze, and enjoy the frozen popsicles with your kids.

Cookie Shake

All the kids are huge fans of chocolates and cookies. This weekend, you can take a pack of their favourite cookies and make a cookie shake with them. You'll get a frothy shake by blending the cookies, chilled milk, powdered sugar, and some vanilla essence. Then, you can decorate the glasses with chocolate sauce, crumbled cookies, and chocolate bits and pour the cookie shake for an indulgent drink.

Mug Cake

If you or your kids like to bake, you can make quick mug cakes over the weekend. All of you can have a fun time while making the batter and eating the cakes out of a mug, which can be made within ten minutes in a microwave. You can make a yummy batter by whisking flour, cookie crumbs, milk, sugar, and baking soda. After microwaving for about ten minutes, you can take them out, let the cakes cool and add some chocolate sauce and whipped cream to make them more indulgent.

Cheesy Nachos

Another fun snack that you can cook without fire is cheesy nachos. Since the kids are usually fond of chips and nachos, it’ll be a perfect snack for them. While you chop the vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and capsicum for the snack, you can ask your kids to arrange the nachos in a glass tray. Then, you can add the chopped vegetables, cheese, and some sauces on top of the nachos. After microwaving for about five minutes, the cheesy nachos will be ready to enjoy.