5 Treats You Can Make In An Ice Tray To Surprise Your Kids
Image Credit: Pexels

The summer season brings with it unimaginable heat, a long summer vacation, and kids who always want something to eat. If you are having a similar situation with your kids, you must be looking for summer recipes that can keep your kids hydrated and help them beat the scorching heat.

To engage your kids in fun activities, you can make some frozen treats with them that will not only keep them refreshed but will also keep them busy for a day. Making some treats in an ice cube tray is something you should think about, especially if you are a working parent. This way, your kids can have something frozen even in your absence. Here are some ideas for quick snacks you can make in an ice cube tray.

Fruit Juice Cubes

In today’s times, kids tend to munch on packed snacks. To prevent that from happening, you can keep some frozen treats ready to give your children when they are hungry. Instead of letting them drink preserved juices, you can make fresh juice from summer fruits like mangoes, watermelons, litches, apples, etc. Then, you can fill an ice tray with the fresh juices and freeze with sticks stacked in the centre. This way, you can have sweet and healthy treats available in your freezer at all times.

Mini Mousse Cups

If your kids are a fan of chocolate, you must try making mini mousse cups. All you need to do for this recipe is take some whipped cream and melted dark chocolate and blend them together. Then, you can pour the mixture into an ice tray and freeze it till it is set. Now, whenever your kid needs something sweet, you can take a mini mousse cup and give it to them after a meal or as a snack.

Yoghurt And Berry Bites

If you are looking for some healthy snacks, you can make yoghurt and berry bites. These bites are perfect for a morning treat or even serve well as a healthy evening snack. To make these healthy bites, you need to take a large bowl and mix yoghurt, chopped berries, and oats for some crunch. You can then transfer the mixture to an ice tray and freeze to keep these quick snacks ready.

Chocolate Nutties

Another chocolatey treat that you can make for your kids is chocolate nutties. For these mouth-melting treats, you can take white or milk chocolate compounds and melt them using a double boiler. You can then add some chopped dry fruits and nuts like almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, etc. and mix all the ingredients. Then, transfer the contents to an ice cube and freeze till the treats are ready.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

In the scorching heat of the summer season, what’s better to have than some ice cream? But portioning the quantity of ice cream for your kids is really important. An easy way to do that is by making mini ice cream sandwiches by placing a spoon of ice cream between two pieces of biscuits in an ice tray. This way, you’ll have a handy treat to give your kids and keep an eye on how much sweets they’re eating.