6 Chocolate Cocktails That Are Decadent And Delicious

Mixology is a tricky business. Balancing the natural flavours of different alcohols with unique additions and flavours is an art form that few truly master. But when you do it opens up a whole world of possibilities. There’s no limit to what you can create so why not push the limits and fuse two of the world’s most indulgent categories – cocktails and dessert. 

Chocolate is one of those flavours that is loved all over the world, no matter your age or culture, so it makes sense that chocolate cocktails are always in high demand. While it is an acquired taste for people who prefer their alcohol straight up, these chocolate cocktails are sure to be an exploration and a delight. Save them for after dinner and enjoy a sweet treat to round out the evening. 

Chocolate Martini

A chocolate martini is a boozy dessert that you can sip. Vodka combined with a chocolate liqueur and some Irish cream like Baileys served in a glass layered with chocolate syrup, makes for a decadent treat. While James Bond may not approve, we certainly do.

Chocolate Old Fashioned

The old-fashioned is one of the most famous whiskey cocktails having notes of orange that blend seamlessly with the smoky notes of whiskey. Orange and chocolate are a natural pair so adding some bourbon to the base of this cocktail along with chocolate syrup or chocolate-flavoured whiskey makes this classic into something new and innovative.

Brandy Alexander

This classic cocktail dates back to the early 20th century and is made with cognaccrème de cacao and cream. It was based on an earlier cocktail simply called the Alexander which was gin-based. 

Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing as rich and soothing as a hot chocolate, unless it’s a Mexican hot chocolate spiked with fiery chilli powder. Spiked with tequila with an extra hit of chocolate liqueur this cocktail is deadly in every sense of the word.

Chocolate White Russian

The white Russian by nature is already creamy and indulgent but by adding a hefty dose of coffee liqueur plus a hit of chocolate syrup to the vodka cocktail, it elevates it to something way more special. Perfect for relaxing in front of a warm fire on a cold night. 

Chocolate Eggnog

A Christmas classic, eggnog brings together the best flavours of the season and is a great cocktail to make in bulk to share with friends and family during the festive season. By adding in high-quality melted chocolate it becomes a rich and delicious dessert cocktail.